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  • Lovable Package
    163K 5.2K 17

    CP: pampered up to the heavens x lovable squeamish darling, by the day ~ Su Tang is a delicate package, incapable of anything, only able to act like a spoiled child. However, he wore the part of a major villain, met the hegemonic male protagonist Ling, oppressed the female protagonist, ultimately not obtaining a good...

  • Ghost Investigator: Mystery of the lost memories
    319 53 6

    Being a ghost didn't seem bad at all. Only thing is... how did I die in the first place? I'm not a real investigator but who minds a ghost investigator anyway! It's about time I solve my own death mystery...

  • Aeternum
    932K 41.3K 63

    Zion is an heir of one of the largest corporation in Pine Country because of that he had live a restricted and rule driven life. His father groomed him from the moment he was born and made sure he was the best at everything. He did not enjoy his childhood, when the other kids are playing he was in the mansion studying...

  • The Dragon King's Bride [BL]
    46.9K 1.9K 15

    A King An ordinary boy A Dragon king A human A king that ruled a very powerful empire that feared by many. A boy who don't go out to his house and likes reading manga. A cold-blooded and heartless cruel king. A sweet and clumsy boy. A king that is from another world A boy from 21st century Two different people f...

  • Story of Earth (BL)- Hiatus
    76.5K 3.9K 59

    "why don't you become my wife?..." "I'm not gay, I only like girls!" "You will get used to it, I'm much better!" ........... I, Earth Orwin one day opened my eyes in an unfamiliar place, or more accurately, a different world. I was killed in an accident by a subordinate of the God of this world, and because he was f...

  • Body Heat - Yaoi
    1.5M 50K 52

    My name is Minoru Urihara...and this is my story on how one promotion at work throws my whole life into chaos. After meeting him....I don't know what to think anymore. What is right and what is wrong? I have never been so confused before in my life. The scariest thought about all of this? Am I fallin...

  • Devils and Angels Academy (BxB)
    25.4K 1K 12

    *BxB* Ari Green is an eighteen-year-old boy who has always been the typical gay nerd with some fiery attitude. A's in school plus sarcasm are his best friends and his enemies are his childhood bullies, Jason Williams and Aaron Jones. What the people at school don't know is the nightmare that awaits Ari at home, his ab...

  • The Transmigrated Me is A Lowly Commoner [BL]
    156K 7.3K 28

    A Grand Schemer who got hit by a car is now trying to scheme against the people he disliked while world hopping with his reliable system. "Can you change my fate ?" "I'll gladly do that, Young Host" [DISCONTINUED]