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  • The Unexpected
    3.5K 24 8

    Clarke was left behind on Earth during Praimfiya. Five years and seven months later, Raven, Bellamy, Harper, Monty, John, Emori, and Echo return to the earth as planned. What happens when they realize Clarke is still alive? REWRITTEN 6/30/19 Bellarke Fanfic Diyoza and her men aren't in the picture, and everyone else...

  • Faded
    549 55 9

    Modern Haddock family Living a happy life in a happy house, having amazing children brightenning their days and nights, Hayden (Hiccup) and Astrid Haddock couldn't ask for a better life. But, when Hayden suddenly decides to forget his family, to abandon them and start a whole new life. This leaves them questionin...

  • Hiccstrid Modern One Shots
    638 45 5

    One shots full of modern Hiccstrid.

  • Eragna One Shots
    183 16 3

    She's stubborn. He's headstrong. She rides a Skrill named Stormspirit. He rides a Windstriker named Typhoon. She's the daughter of the Chief and General of Berk. He's the son of a former dragon trapper. They've been lifelong best friends and suddenly they fell in love.

  • One Shots
    2.7K 92 15

    These are all one shots that include Hiccstrid, the gang, my own oc Hiccstrid family and spoilers from How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World. I hope you like them!

  • A Surprising Summer
    502 38 11

    Ragna Hofferson had it all. All A's. Looks. A big house. And a perfect family. Till she finds out her parents get divorced. But that's not even the craziest part. Turns out that this is not the first man her mom divorced and that the first man she divorced is her actual father. Ragna finds out her father owns a farm a...

  • Your Love Changed Me
    122K 3.4K 32

    Astrid Hofferson's father is abusive. After a while, her mother gets strong enough to leave him and takes Astrid with her. Months past and her mom begins to date again, only for the man to become abusive. Astrid grows up to start liking and dating bad boys and she allows them to hurt her, because that's all she's eve...

    44.5K 1K 24

    Hiccup has tried to flee Berk before his final trial, and this time, he succeeds. Astrid, distraught thinking that she has chased him to his death, and Stoick is on the lookout to avenge his dead son. During a routine border check of Berk's waters, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Gobber are carried out to open sea in a storm an...

  • Chasing Astrid
    22.9K 981 24

    ~Set After Race To The Edge Season 4~ Every relationship has a rocky patch. Hiccup and Astrid have been dating for a few months, and their friends just got to know about it. The loving couple have a huge fight, and it ends up with Astrid leaving for a couple of days. But when Astrid doesn't return for a what feels lik...

  • Everything To Me
    15.8K 561 18

    MODERN AU: Henry (Hiccup) is a single dad with his daughter, Hailey. He works two jobs to keep a good living for them. Hailey's mom, Camille ( Camicazi from the books) left when Hailey was still a baby. Henry's mom, Valerie (Valka) does her best to help her son and granddaughter. Astrid moves into the apartment besi...

  • Hit and Run
    18.5K 626 22

    The second semester of junior year, what can go wrong? The New Year doesn't exactly start off on a good foot when Astrid manages to run a stranger over the first day back in school. It doesn't get better when it turns out her partner for the 'Big Presentation' of the semester is the same guy. But as she grows close...

  • The Girl Who Sat Next to Me
    116K 3.3K 28

    Hiccup Haddock is the president's son. He is followed by the press, Secret Service, and everyone else it seems. He "has to be perfect," and he sick of it. He wants more than anything, a normal life. Astrid Hofferson is a normal girl who goes to Berkly High school. She's popular, but not too popular, smart, and a star...

  • After the War
    3.7K 92 9

    Set in HTTYD 2 from after Stoick dies to when the last dragon race takes place The War has finished, Valka is back, Hiccup is chief and Stoick is gone. Hiccup is struggling, he can't handle the responsibility without his Dad. Astrid tried to help him and Valka tries to find the place she was in all those years ago. *...

  • A Hope ~ Hiccstrid Fanfiction
    4.7K 218 20

    Hiccup and Astrid Haddock have spent three years married and were as happy as they've ever been. But devastating news corrupts their cute plans and hopes for a family. Can they get through this together? Inspired by an Instagram Fanfiction "find it in your heart" by @httydobsessed13 Also found on Instagram Instagram:...

  • Broken - modern day httyd
    1.3K 77 16

    Astrid Hofferson was perfect. At least - that's what everyone thinks - that's what she wants everyone to think - especially her parents. The Hoffersons have played the role of a perfect family full of athletic smart and talented members dating back to well - Viking ages. Astrid was named after a fearless warrior that...

  • From my heart to yours ~ Hiccstrid modern story
    6.1K 238 12

    Hayden Haddock had his entire life mapped out in front of him, he had good grades, the teachers loved him, he was spending his highschool days playing guitar and day dreaming of ways to get Astrid Hofferson, his crush who had friendzoned him for years. But that changed in a moment. With hospital treatments, blood tes...

  • Will it be forever?
    57.8K 1.3K 30

    This is book 2 in my Hiccstrid fanfiction series, which is why I highly recommend reading the first book, 'Don't Leave Me' before commencing with this. After Astrid's accident, Hiccup hasn't been the same. He barely eats, he doesn't leave the house and it has been ages since he last went flying with Toothless. Not lo...

  • The soul of a dragon (Completed)
    266K 7.5K 57

    It's the story of a young Viking. Actually, he isn't that young anymore. He's 23 years old now. His name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. 8 years ago, he had to run away from his beloved home Berk because he became best friends with a creature that no Viking should ever become friends with: a dragon. Follow the brave...

  • What If: Rtte Hiccstrid One-Shots
    2.2K 48 4

    What if hiccstrid got together early? What if there was a New Years episode in Rtte? And what if dreamworks showed more than what we know is there? This is a story with many adventures and romantic short stories in it. Dive in to read many short fan fiction stories about what could've happened with hiccstrid and the g...

  • Astrid's Old Rival
    11.3K 370 23

    After seeing secret love letters to Hiccup, Astrid is afraid that she's being cheated on. But at the same time, about a week later something tragic happens to Astrid and has her life nearly taken away. As if so much was already going on, Astrid's Old Rival from a few years ago comes back to Berk with something evil u...

  • Hiccstrid: Long Lost Viking
    207K 8.7K 56

    {Hiccstrid Viking AU} What if it wasn't Valka that was taken by a StormCutter? (or maybe a Night Fury...) What if it was a certain viking girl? What if it was Astrid? Astrid was taken away by a dragon when she was a 6 year old. She grew up to be a Dragon Rider. However, years pass, she never came back. Why? No one wou...

  • Hello again
    144K 4.3K 18

    Hiccup has been banished from Berk becouse of his bond with the dragons, and gotta come back in 5 years according to a stupid law. See how it goes with the people of Berk when he is gone, and when he comes back!;) *it starts after Toothless saved Hiccup from the Monsterous Nightmare, just so you know* So... Hope you...

  • Don't You Remember?
    19K 407 5

    Snoggletog is approaching and just so happens to fall on the day Hiccup and Astrid started dating five years ago. When it seems to Astrid that everyone on BERK remembered their anniversary but Hiccup, things start to get on edge. Takes place a little while after httyd2 This was my first fan fiction so don't make fun i...

  • To mend a Valkyrie's heart (HTTYD fic)
    355K 8K 29

    They all thought Hiccup was dead. Stoick blamed Astrid, and when Drago threatens the Archipelago with his dragon army, her fate will be in the hands of the enigmatic Dragon master. (Daily updates)