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  • The Fame
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    I start interviewing famous or well known authors of wattpad

  • The Fiction Awards 2018
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    The Fiction Awards are back for a third year in a row! All writers. All languages. Let the competition begin.

  • Best Books Ever
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    Basically this is a bunch of my personal favorite books, so go check em out! I don't own any of the books in here, please keep that in mind! Credits to the authors are given. Feel free to suggest any books that aren't in here, you can suggest your own too, do some shameless self promo lol ~

  • LMAO | Wattpad Comments
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    I've read some stories with some really funny comments on Wattpad and I just thought I'd share them with Wattpad :) Warning: This book is mainly comprised of graphics so you can't read it without wifi/data or preloading the graphics (just so you know) Warning: Since I provide a snippet of the chapter for context so th...