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    Bill is still mourning the death of his brother Stanley's parents are expecting too much of him Richie is having problems at home Eddie is tired if being told what to do Beverly is scared of her dad Ben is hopelessly in love Mike just wants to help And it doesn't make it better when they live in a psychotic town... ...

  • Boys Weekend (Streddie)
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    A Streddie road trip fanfic. This is super fluffy so if you don't like that you won't like that lol, it's also a little bit angsty in some parts. Hope you like it!

  • Reddie- I'll be waiting..
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    After a stupid argument, Eddie and Richie are getting closer than ever, all the Losers club can see what's going on but will bad boy Josh threaten to ruin it all? ANGST WARNING (Including Stanbrough, Benverly and a whole lotta gay fluff) Started: 25th October 2017 Finished: 15th January 2018

  • [completed] reckless || reddie
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    everyone in derry is weary of richie tozier. he's got a rocky family and a vulgar personality; a reckless kid that smokes far too much and doesn't know when to shut his trap. eddie kaspbrak can't seem to get richie off of his mind. disclaimer: this story has a large theme of drugs, drug abuse, and sexual harassment/ra...

  • innocent || Reddie (complete)
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    "I can be the one to show you" -Soft Eddie -punk Richie •Eddie Kaspbrak has been protected from everything. He knows basically nothing but still always has a smile on his face... But he's lonely... who wouldn't be if they were locked up in a house for all their life? •Richie Tozier is a troubled teen. A misfit in ever...

  • reddie imagines
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    this is for all you IT stans - reddie imagines :) will make you feel so soft and happy

  • iMessage -REDDIE ☾
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    Richie; so... eds, you wanna go have sex? Eddie; what! no, ew. gross. and don't call me eds, Richie. Richie; you're kidding me, come on smalls. Eddie; yeah. how did ya know? {HIGHEST RANK ON RANDOM #8}

  • mixtape / reddie
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    "The music makes me feel alive, Eds. So do you."

  • Deep ★ Reddie
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    Richie and Eddie are in high school , the losers have split up, and Richie and Eddie will never look at each other the same after Senior year.

  • reddie = love 💘
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    Its been a year since they fought pennywise, Eddie is seeing things, The losers are trying to find a normal balance, and Richie has fallen in love.

  • Meds - Reddie
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    Eddie Kaspbrak grew up on one simple pink pill. Before he knew it, he found himself living life in high school on way more than just one pink pill. (Started 1-21-18, Completed)

  • The New Boy || Reddie {Completed}
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    Richie Tozier has his whole life figured out. He has his gang, known as the losers club, he is the quarterback on the high schools football team and practically every girl in the school wants him. Richie had no troubles...until the new boy joined.

  • Afraid - reddie ✅
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    ❦ my poor heart aches, with every step you take ❦ COMPLETED (lowercase intended) (includes stenbrough)

  • That Night //Reddie
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    "Oh my god, we just kissed!" "Not just kissed we just, like, full on made out!" In which the events of a sleepover lead to a broken heart.

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    Eddie likes Richie but Richie has a girlfriend. Eddie decided to tell Richie and Eddie finds out Richie has the same feelings. What happens when Sonia finds out her son is making out with another boy. Come along with their crazy life's I'm not editing this story in till I'm finished writing it. Ships: Reddie Stenbro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Reddie
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    a love story between Richie and Eddie.

  • coy ➳ Reddie
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    ❝Derry's gonna have to deal with us, Eddie. If they can't handle us being together, then that's on them.❞ ♚ In which Eddie and Richie haven't talked for awhile, but fall in love again. And now they have to hide it from the homophobic world.