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  • The Rebel Elite - Book Club
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    Welcome to Rebel Town, where all them outlaws cause this uproar. If you tend to stir up trouble, welcome, we like them wanted! Currently recruiting, become a rebel and join in the riot! This is a place to be free, to express and to inspire. The main goal here is to support each other in all and any endeavors, be it...

  • SAFARI | Book Club [OPEN]
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    Welcome to SAFARI Book Club! SAFARI is entirely dedicated to giving members personal autonomy when choosing their assignments. SAFARI works on a non-committal point-based system where members choose the books they want to review in exchange for points, to which they can then use to post their own book.

  • JeDi Book Club
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    Come and join our JeDi Book Club. Rounds last two weeks during which you will only have to review three chapters. Nice and easy. However, we expect excellent quality feedback, since what goes around comes around :smiley: We also aim to encourage writers to reach those word count goals-more on that in our guidebook.

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    CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE This new book by the Ancient One will help you get more reads, comments and improve your rankings. I'm wise; I know best.