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  • His.
    10.8M 253K 37

    Khloe Pearson - Ms. Goody Two Shoes with a secret fantasy that she is too scared to let anyone know about. No one knows about it, but one person. And that one person is in her past. Or so she thinks. Ian Wilder - Mr. Sex on Legs and a dominating man searching for one girl. Khloe Pearson. He knows her deepest darkest s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Maid In Royalty
    2.6M 88.4K 59

    "Aiden pick a girl this instant! Who will you marry?" Queen Alexandra exclaimed. "The maid over there," he said with a smirk. Copyright © 2016

  • Billionaires Assistants ✔
    571K 48.2K 93

    Two brothers handling the Malhotra Empire.. One of them doesn't want any assistant.. Other one change his assistant like tissue.. what will happen when they will come across their new and hard to crack assistants? Will the arrogant brothers have to mend their ways or they won't tolerate them?! #1 in Haymur #1 in manan

  • The Billionaire's Personal Assistant || EDITING
    737K 19.2K 61

    I can see it; he's looking at me with lustful eyes even if he tries to hide it with his famous smirk. He slowly shook his head, still looking at me, "Oh princess, I am your boss now." He walked to his car and got inside. "See you tomorrow at work" he winks before driving off What did I get myself into? -- Scarlett, a...

  • My Best Friends Baby
    690K 15.7K 51

    Autumn Grace Smithton is in love with her best friend Ace Tyrell Hunter, she has been since she was 9. She hasn't told him for many many reasons. She's what you would call a nerd. She prefers reading books and doing homework then going to parties every weekend to which she thinks is a waste of space. Ace Tyrell Hunte...

  • Bad girl turns good? (Completed!)
    122K 4.9K 50

    Jade is in high school, she's considered as the badass of the school, ditching classes, being always late and more. But what if the football player and the most loved guy in school gets to know her? What if he learns her true story? What if Daniel smith is the only person that is able to show her, who she really is ...

  • Yes, I Ran Away! (Now Available on Amazon)
    1.8M 27.9K 28

    Now Available on Amazon! Ebook : Paperback : --This book is just a Sample-- Yes, I ran away from my own wedding! But, I want to be more than a mere wife of a billionaire. Meet Ruchi Shah, a girl hailing from a middle-class family with a humble background. Trapp...

  • The President's Daughter
    48.1M 1.3M 59

    "Watch where you’re going nerd!" Someone said knocking me down, while sending my books flying. I let out a sigh as I crouched down, collecting my books from the floor. Once I got up I saw the person who called me nerd a few seconds ago was standing in front of me wearing a smug expression. "What's wrong nerd? Cat got...