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  • Song of Sapphire【Book One of the Lost Gemstone Chronicles】[Under Editing]
    2.9K 295 5

    [ UNDER MASSIVE EDITING ] The young priestess, Velessya Aelius Faeveren is rising among the ranks of her fellow apprentices, and wishes to dedicate her life to the Temple and the gods of Edorias. She thinks that whatever lies within the high walls of Edorias is safe, and dares not to think about life beyond the walls...

  • Overwritten
    57.5K 1.6K 25

    Population levels have reached critical, forcing the government to step in. A new system is built - an assigned mate for 16-year-olds, one child per family, all done with computer algorithm. Careers are determined for what job is needed and best suited for. Any deviation and they face the risk of becoming a Lower--the...

  • Under the A.S.H.E.N Sky
    604 104 4

    Year 9034, Terranea. A new beginning rose from the dust mankind was reduced to. That beginning was science. An elite organisation of humans escaped the disastrous consequences of the War and came up with a solution to restore the genetics of humans by preserving them in computer codes. McKenna Vosburgh has to learn t...

  • Before Noon
    246K 17.9K 67

    At noon the world ends, unless you're Isabel Ridley. She's trapped in a time loop, putting together the clues. To save the world, Isabel has to keep dying. ***** At noon, climate disasters sweep the planet, ending the human race...unless you're Isab...

  • The Grim Taintings {indefinite hiatus}
    107 20 3

    - A retelling of Vasilisa and Goblin Market - There is no cure once you have tasted the flesh of a Goblin's fruit. Ellery Brennan is the sole sane person in his village who hasn't tried fey fruit. Lured by wishes and fortune, Ellery has watched everyone he has known descend towards an incurable bestial greed for the f...

  • From Sea to Sky
    200K 10.3K 43

    ~A Wattpad featured and Wattys Longlisted story~ Lana can hardly remember what it's like to be free. After nine years as a captive on board a ship ruled by ruthless bounty hunters, sailing across Maris with no clear direction, she's desperate for something to change. Then, as a boy and a new world full of dragons, adv...

  • A Thousand Burning Masks [ REMOVED ]
    43.1K 883 4

    CHINESE ARYA STARK meets THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. *A Wattpad featured story* When everyone wears a mask, who do you trust? Sarna is a runaway. After escaping her abusive parents, she joins Zichuan Theater. Her biggest dreams are realized when she is summoned to perform at the Erden crown prince's nameday, and she ca...

  • Winter's Dance (#1 Ruthen Quartet)
    34.6K 2K 70

    (Completed) Two assassins were set to kill a girl. No questions asked. Just kill her and claim their prize. That was their mission. Except one of them was not supposed to visit Volney, the land of the dead and the other fall in love with a girl and totally forget about his mission to kill. For an heir who had dedicat...

  • The Faintest Ink (Watty Winner 2015)
    348K 17.7K 103

    Winner of a Watty Award, 2015! In Serrador, your name is your greatest vulnerability. Those with one suffer under a regime of magic and absolute control, while those without are forced to live on the fringes of society. When four unlikely rebels manage to sneak into the Citadel and assassinate the King, his tyrannical...

  • 🔥 The Path of Fire (Path of Light and Fire Book #1)(Completed) 🔥
    1.1M 70.5K 72

    Thief. Murderer. Mage. Prince. Warrior. Heroes. 16 year-old Sabin's plans to join the army change when he learns he is a Serien - a warrior who wields an element. With a sentient sword, he must find the other Seriens. His goal: unite them into a force capable of defending humanity from the Guan, a humanoid race belie...

  • Given
    1.2M 92K 71

    **2018 Wattys Worldbuilders Award Winner!** Yenni, a princess of the Yirba tribe, has never feared a challenge. After a year of watching her father waste away to a mysterious illness she sets off for the empire of Cresh, planing to attend their top magic academy and find a way to save him. Abroad she faces hardships s...

  • Seekers | Book I of the Seekers Trilogy
    147K 10.8K 52

    Ever had that nightmare where you're falling from somewhere and then, just before you hit the ground, you wake up? Well, in that case, you're lucky because with me, I always hit the ground... Hard. Vivid nightmares have always corroded my dreams, making it impossible for me to sleep soundly, ever since I could remembe...

  • The Last Necromancer
    623K 43.6K 28

    For five years, Charlotte (Charlie) Holloway has lived as a boy in the slums. But when one theft too many gets her arrested, her only means of escape lies with a dead man. Charlie hasn't raised a spirit since she first discovered she could do so five years ago. That time, her father banished her. This time, she brings...

  • The Warrior's Path - Tales of Gorania #1 [EXCERPT]
    845K 4.3K 10

    EXCERPT of the previously featured Wattpad fantasy. Blood is his sin. Blood will be his redemption. The first installment of the Tales of Gorania series follows the journey of Masolon, the warrior from the mysterious lands beyond the Great Desert, the outcast who refuses to be the warring monster his clan needs and i...

  • Summoner: The Novice (Book 1) SAMPLE OF NOW PUBLISHED BOOK
    7.2M 205K 83

    SAMPLE OF PUBLISHED BOOK THAT WAS FIRST WRITTEN ON WATTPAD. Fletcher was nothing more than a humble blacksmith's apprentice, when a chance encounter leads to the discovery that he has the ability to summon demons from another world. Chased from his village for a crime he did not commit, he must travel with his demon t...

  • Winter's Storm (Book 1 Oʄ Tɦɛ Wɨռtɛʀ Sɛʀɨɛs)
    45.6K 2.3K 28

    Unwanted. That's what it is. By your own family. HIGHEST RANKING: #185 in FANTASY what's hot list ♨️ Born on the last day of winter, in the house where the last snow of winter falls, began the tragedy of the young girl. Winter a 17 year old princess, who became a servant to her own dear family, but something is not...

  • Chasing Destiny
    10.7K 1.5K 3

    *Highest Ranking #2 in Adventure* To be a warrior is what she wanted. Determination and hard work result in her being sent to to the castle to train her fight skills. Time passes by and everybody in the kingdom grows to love her. But soon her life flips around when secrets unveil themselves and she discovers that she...

  • Warbreaker
    1.3M 38.7K 64

    After bursting onto the fantasy scene with his acclaimed debut novel, Elantris, and following up with his blockbuster Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson proves again that he is today’s leading master of what Tolkien called “secondary creation,” the invention of whole worlds, complete with magics and myths all their o...

  • Constantine (Daughter of War #1)
    1.4M 104K 75

    Religion rules Constantine's world...and she has been condemned as the Spawn of the Devil. She is a Champion, a human being blessed with superhuman abilities by the deities of her world. However, her patron happens to be the Lord of War and Strategy - and women were never supposed to be Champions of War. In order to s...

  • She Riseth
    36 7 1

    *Once offered to be published* The Labellian crown is laced with lies. Jenna Darling is prepared to turn her back on her noble blood and put away ball gowns for divine blessing through becoming a Maiden of Nyenna. But instead, she finds herself dragged into the political arena she wanted to sacrifice under the command...

  • Iron Frost - Clan of the Rim Chronicles #1
    108K 5.4K 35

    *COMPLETED* YOUTUBE TRAILER: When her first kiss turns into ice-cold murder, seventeen year old Eerika Arnesen's life is turned completely upside down. Her parents aren't her parents, this world isn't her world, and the only thing somewhat clear is that someone really wants her dead. Afte...

  • Hall of Games [The Celestial Chronicles #1]
    1M 67.7K 49

    *completed* *Wattpad featured story [ 17/3/16]* *2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER* *#3 in Fantasy (5/3/16)* A chance encounter with a mysterious wizard at a magic show spells more than just a broken curfew for Cady and Josh Gates. When Josh is whisked away to the hidden world of Esvanira by the Keepers, Cady tracks him down...

  • Heir to the Ice Queen (Book 1)
    136K 9.1K 34

    The land is always covered in snow, so how can anything - let alone anyone - survive there? They don't. At least not without the Ice Queen's permission. It's her land that goes on for miles, her power that she gains from the cold, and her wickedness that has kept her the most feared living thing for over a t...

  • When Snow Falls
    3.1K 328 34

    Chloe and her friends were just normal 14 year old girls with normal lives. But one day that changes... Taken by people they don't know, they are experimented on, given powers, and trained to become assassins. Sounds exciting right? Turns out trying to be "superheroes" comes with a cost. They not only had to leave th...

  • The Dragon's Heir [Beta][Complete]
    4.1M 139K 24

    COMPLETE #1 in Fantasy #1 in Adventure #1 in Historical Fiction ---------- Sometimes, believing helps us to see truth. Other times, we need a little evidence to believe. But there is truth behind everything; every false manoeuvre, ever little lie...a small piece of truth is hidden. Just like truth is wound into le...

  • Dragon Tamer - Book 1
    3.4M 207K 81

    Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of...

  • The Princess, the Pea, and the Princess
    95.7K 4.5K 21

    The headstrong Princess Angelina never likes the suitors that her parents find for her, and they're starting to get desperate. So desperate, in fact, that they decide to surprise her with a contest and a whole group of princes. These princes have to go through a series of ridiculous tasks to prove their worthiness - a...

  • Paladin
    15.9M 499K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • Beauties and Beasts [COMPLETED] // OLD VERSION
    48.8K 3.2K 36

    { COMPLETE || Old Version } Liam is not known for his diplomatic finesse. As Crown Prince, this can be a bit of a problem- like when it earns him a threat to be tossed into the army. It becomes more than a bit of a problem when it gets his little brother cursed. Now, Liam is racing to find a solution before the one...

  • The Dragon Secret (Ongoing)
    2.2K 537 17

    "Dragons are real?" No, they couldn't be. Harper never believed in dragons. Her thoughts never crossed that path, dragons were fantasy and would always be. Dragons were heard in stories. Dragons were a myth. It wasn't very expected when she becomes a rider of a winged beast. She is whisked away to the South Academy of...