The Last Necromancer

The Last Necromancer

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"Simply put: This book is pretty darn bad a$$. I highly recommend The Last Necromancer to all fans of fantasy." ★★★★★ My Book Addiction 

"An addictive read" ★★★★★ Hooked on Books

"The Last Necromancer was simply fantastic." ★★★★★ Book and Coffee Addict

"Expertly depicted and well-paced, The Last Necromancer is a stunning novel by C.J. Archer that sweeps readers into a passionate new world" ★★★★★ The Rest Is Still Unwritten


For five years, Charlotte (Charlie) Holloway has lived as a boy in the slums. But when one theft too many gets her arrested, her only means of escape lies with a dead man. Charlie hasn't raised a spirit since she first discovered she could do so five years ago. That time, her father banished her. This time, she brings even more trouble upon herself.

People are now hunting Charlie all over London, but only one man succeeds in capturing her.

Lincoln Fitzroy is the mysterious head of a secret organization on the trail of a madman who needs a necromancer to control his newly "made" creatures. There was only one known necromancer in the world - Charlotte - but now there appears to be two. Lincoln captures the willful Charlie in the hopes the boy will lead him to Charlotte. But what happens when he discovers the boy is in fact the young woman he's been searching for all along? And will she agree to work for the man who held her against her will, and for an organization she doesn't trust?

Because Lincoln and his ministry might be just as dangerous as the madman they're hunting.

  • alpha
  • creepy
  • fantasy
  • gothic
  • historical
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • romantic
  • secrets
  • spooky
  • steampunk
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 15, 2017
No lie, I am TOTALLY here for the girl-dressed-as-boy-meets-MMC-and-gang-plus-romance action, it's literally one of my OTTs (One True Tropes). 
                              And necromancy? BOOYAH BABY.
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 15, 2017
That's 2 dudes with fair hair and grey eyes. Not that I'm complaining😉.
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 15, 2017
AHAHAHA, that's how I tell my siblings to buck up and do something😂😂😂😂
Mare_of_The_Night Mare_of_The_Night Dec 12, 2017
I feel bad for him. I mean, I thought he'd be a major part of the story 😓
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 14, 2017
GuerrillaReader GuerrillaReader Jun 14, 2017
Aw man, and here I thought he'd be the MMC. Noble man though, noble man.