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  • Music and Magic [Rick and Liz Saga, season 2]
    91 27 10

    Now in Los Angeles, Rick and Liz, without the adventure of travel to distract them, find themselves having to deal with their respective problems in life. Rick's manager Elroy Elridge, wants to bring Rick back into the celebrity community, but Rick doesn't like the way that stardom effects his behavior. Meanwhile, Li...

  • Eilise, God, And The Witches [Fake Tattoos #2]
    655 73 35

    [Part 1 & 2 Completed] Top Rank: #18 in Urban Fantasy As the world becomes more populated and technology advances, a family of witches comes to the end of its line. Eilise is the third daughter of a third daughter, a powerful witch. She faces a new world that has no room left in it for magic, but her reason for being...

  • Science Fiction Short Stories
    285 18 10

    What do mechanized avatars, time travelers, military exoskeletons, and space ships have in common? They're all things that rattle around inside the crazy brain of author Ken Poirier. If your a fan of Philip K Dick, Douglas Adams, or Arthur C. Clarke, than you'll be sure to enjoy these short stories. Tags: #Hallowtheme

  • Novel Writing, The Rogue Scientist's Guide to
    259 23 11

    #2 in Technical Books #20 in Publishing You're not just an author, but a daring literary-swashbuckler, slashing your way through a sea of mediocre stories to bring forth the great treasure of your endeavors. Breaking down the more difficult technical process of novel writing, the RS will bring a new quick and easy wa...

  • Deadman, A Dark Romance [Part 1 Completed - Nanowrimo Project]
    197 46 22

    Deadman, A Dark Romance, is a classic Hollywood back-lot love story with a twist! Jimmy Mason is the ugliest actor in Hollywood. He has found a niche for himself playing dead bodies. Sindee Bell is a film PA and hobby taxidermist. She isn't like other girls, her tastes in men are peculiar. When the two meet on the s...

  • The Blank-Book Book
    34 13 13

    The book for when you want to write a story.

  • Open journal
    176 27 19

    ramblings, thoughts, ideas, meanderings, utterances, pictures, covers, concepts...

  • Philosophical Farming and Sustainable Living, the Rouge Scientist's Guide to
    51 5 5

    A story of self discovery, connecting to nature, and understanding the world.

  • Emar Orange - Super Villain.
    35 5 5

    A mysterious masked man engages in criminal havoc against the city of Viceport.