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  • Why Trust Me? (Loki x Reader)
    45.4K 1.5K 9

    So you know, this is a lot of dialogue. Sorry it's just the way I wrote this. And this book isn't great either. Sorry. I liked the idea I guess. You are 'stuck' babysitting Loki after a chance is given to him to change. It's takes a long time. But eventually you gain his trust and see his true side that Thor once saw...

  • Complicated -- An Avengers Fanfic
    371K 9.8K 19

    Being the 'baby' sister of Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, was never exactly fun. Hidden in her brother's shadow her entire life, Samantha Barton just might have found someone who understands her pain, even if he IS trying to enslave the human race. But hey, who said that her life was anything other than complicated? Th...

  • Obsession (Loki Fanfiction)
    290K 8.1K 22

    A year on and scientist Isobel Jones has returned from Manhattan to what she believes is her normal life. Her life is anything but normal. SHIELD have gotten into contact with her, she has begun to have therapy sessions but strangest of all is there is someone trying to contact her in her dreams. As her life begins to...

  • Green Eyes (Loki fanfic- completed)
    302K 11.3K 32

    "Things are different now, since he took over. Every opening, every escape route, has been sealed off. There's no way in or out. We're trapped" Loki's rule has plunged Asgard into darkness, with everyone miserable about the new changes who will finally stand up to the king with green eyes? What, did you think I was...

  • One Wrong Turn (Loki Fanfiction)
    84.9K 2.9K 10

    Sometimes things are better off being kept as secrets. Rebecca is confused as to why no one else is interested in all the unusual activity happening around the world, but when she discovers a God's lost ring, her world is changed forever. Set around the events of the Avengers

  • Mischief's Princess - Avengers [Loki] FanFic
    806K 23.2K 36

    Sequel to The Impossible Mission. Cover found on Tumblr - No copyright infringement intended. When Loki turns up unexpectedly after 12 months of absence, Ava is pretty...well....surprised. She is even more surprised when he asks her to go back to Asgard with him. Ava agrees to go with him on the condition that she ca...

  • Loki (book 1)
    391K 12.1K 37

    COMPLETED (book #1) Tessa Stark works at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters with her uncle Tony Stark. One day, the Avengers Initiative is assembled once again. But not by Loki's threat, but by one of their own. But, Loki does turn up, wanting all of Tessa's power. Loki learns to help Tessa as they both must go on a journey to...

  • Man of Mischief
    106K 2.8K 20

    Haeley is just your average girl. Just over twenty, she has secretly dedicated her time to researching aliens and odd weather formations of the rural planes of New Mexico. However, things become extremely odd as she finds herself suddenly in the midst of Loki Laufeyson, Norse God of Mischief, who she has the uncanny a...

  • Beauty in the Beast
    178K 4.7K 45

    When a mysterious and beautiful woman enters Asgard, Loki cannot help but become enhanced by her. As their relationship deepens, a new force is determined to tear them apart. Loki will do anything to save the one he loves but, in the end, who will be there to save him?

  • The Impossible Mission (Avengers - [Loki] FanFic)
    1M 28.3K 18

    Whilst in combat in the US Army, Ava Richards stormed a terrorist base which contained chemically manipulated gas with extreme side effects; in Ava's case, the gas altered her brain, giving her telepathic abilities to speak without moving her lips, read minds, move objects without touching them and outright destroy pe...

  • Forever. I Promise (Sequel to As one. Always)
    786K 29.1K 24

    (Starts at the beginning of Thor 2) Noelle has been waiting for Loki to come home for years. And after years of separation, much has changed them and what is between them. Can Noelle find a way to bring Loki to reason and keep him from going insane from the 'voices' he hears? Or is there too much in the way of their h...

  • Chosen // loki laufeyson
    2.8M 99.2K 65

    As Lienna came of age for marriage, so did the princes she had long forgotten about. And then, in the dark of night, guards and nobles came to take her away. Lienna couldn't believe it. She was Chosen.

  • Sixteen Year Old Vampire
    4.3M 105K 28

    Never in my life has my mom ever said something so horrible, so disgusting. Never in my sixteen years of living, have I heard something so awful and cruel. When Mom said those five words, I felt like my world was ending, and that my life was over. "You're going to high school." Now, I know what you're thinking. What...

  • Breathe Under Water - Shadows of the Night 1
    1.3M 75.4K 40

    They are born in the darkness, and they own it like no one else. Anna Johnson stays clear of vampires. She knows what they are capable of. As a witch of the air she is working for the Circle as a researcher, closing her eyes to that which lies in her past. Until one phone call changes everything.

  • Boarding school for vampires
    880K 33K 29

    Molly has always been in fights, and always been kicked out of schools for them. But things are differnt when she joins a boarding school. The thing is it isnt a normal boarding school. Its a boarding school for vampires!

  • A Vampire's Charm
    7.9M 333K 68

    One of his hands slides underneath my dress and between my thighs, trying to separate them. I press them together harder, and see his facial expression-It was dark, he was clearly getting aggravated at my defiance. His fingernails start digging into my flesh, as I let out a weak sob. My voice seemed to have left me as...

  • Vampire Academy: Spirited Offspring
    121K 3.7K 29

    This story takes place 5 years after Rose and Dimitri reveal that Jill is a Dragomir. Mostly based off of the Vampire Academy series. It has some details from the Bloodline series but with a few details tweaked. Enjoy!

  • I was Sold to My Dead Brother's Best Friend
    17.4M 244K 44

    Was Originally: My parents sold me, to my dead brother new best friend. My brother disappeared when I was eight, after a while we just assumed that he was dead. On my eighteenth birthday my life fell apart as my dead brother turned out to be not dead at all. What's worse was that my parents did something that I will...

  • Korea's Biggest Fuckboy✔️
    1.5M 68.4K 55

    "The FBI is trying to find my penis, can I hide it inside you?" ©️jincanbuttermeupsis Started; 13/10/19 (jimins birthday🥰🥺) Ended; 10/09/20 Completed;✔️ Edited;✔️ HIGHEST RANK; 1st Jimin 1st Jungkook 1st Namjoon 1st Bangtan 7th fanfics COVER MADE BY; @reephoria All rights reserved Korea's Biggest Fuckboy © Jin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Adopted Baby's Daddy
    9.6M 363K 76

    Jules Jenna hates the fact that she's trying to hide in her work to avoid grieving her parents' death. She needs someone in her life and she's never been good with relationships. But one thing she is good at is taking care of kids. She finally decides to take the plunge and adopt a child, whom she now can't imagine li...

  • The Lovely Bite
    5.8M 73.9K 27

    The Lovely Bite is ON SALE ON AMAZON! Link in profile! THIS NOVEL ONLY HOLDS THE FIRST 20 CHAPTERS FOR SAMPLE. Highest Ranking in Vampire- #1~ 5/31/16 1/18/21 Twenty human girls. Seven Purebloods. Adeline O'Here is taken away from her human life and is sent to a school with nineteen human girls. Seven o...

  • It's an Accident
    8.6M 293K 85

    He is smart, rich and handsome. A child prodigy. Girls love him and boys respect him. In short he is the epitome of perfection, looked up by everyone. The perfect one. But one thing. He hates the female population with a passion right from his childhood. She is kind, gentle and sweet. She lives in her own world often...

  • Roommates (REWRITING)
    159M 3M 36


  • The QB Bad Boy and Me
    31.2M 850K 65

    QB Bad Boy and Me movie coming out soon in 2024! WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Dallas Bryan is focused on her future, but whenever she's around Drayton Lahey, the bad boy quarterback, her mind keeps falling back to the present. ***** Dallas Bryan is a n...

  • Mr. Popular and I
    123M 2.6M 57

    "You and I both know that any girl would kill to be in your position, with me, right now." He smirks, knowing that what he's said is completely and utterly true. Lea Wilson and River Parker don't mix; they don't like the same things, their lives are majorly different. But, what if these two people who are least expect...

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.3M 199K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • Will & Rosie
    555K 12K 32

    Rosie is meant to hate famous rockstar Will O'Connor, who killed her father in a car crash, but she finds herself falling in love instead. ***** Rock sensation, Will O'Connor is in the prime of his career when he unintentionally kills a man in a ca...

  • The Boy who Broke the Rules
    9.7M 482K 25

    Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her. Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she...