Green Eyes (Loki fanfic- completed)

Green Eyes (Loki fanfic- completed)

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Asgardian_Slytherin By Lokimakerofmischief Completed

"Things are different now, since he took over. Every opening, every escape route, has been sealed off. There's no way in or out. We're trapped" 

Loki's rule has plunged Asgard into darkness, with everyone miserable about the new changes who will finally stand up to the king with green eyes? 

What, did you think I was going to tell you now? You'll have to read and find out I'm afraid my friend

I do not own any characters (except my own), but, I do not give permission for any chapters to be re written. By all means write your own Loki Fan Fiction, but it's not as good when it's someone else's idea. Thank you

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2manysluts 2manysluts Jun 05
being the punctuation nazi i am, the lack of commas is making me twitch.
2manysluts 2manysluts Jun 05
i mean, my mans loki apparently finds sif "ravishing" and i can't say i blame him
DalekExterminator DalekExterminator Jan 04, 2016
When it said we work what he tells us too I just pictured people strutting around the castle all suductive like.