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  • The Good Girl's Bad Boys [Book One of TGGBB Series] (Completed, Editing)
    95M 3.4M 85

    If you're judging this book by its cover and title, you're already proving the point this story wants to make. Try to move past this satirical obstacle in front of you. This is a story about bullying, and like the hundreds of other books on the topic, it will show you the harsh reality of being discriminated, belittle...

  • Doctor Happy
    104K 6.6K 42

    Doctor Lee Dawson hates people. He lives every day of his life trying to interact with others as little as possible. So when he is assigned to work with Carly, the newest nurse at the hospital where he works, who just cant stop talking and is probably the polar opposite to him, he is even more annoyed than usual. Hil...

  • Shatter Like Glass-Cinderella Retold
    286K 17.2K 79

    *Featured* She was the most beautiful girl at the ball-and the most dangerous. After the murder of the Viridian prince at his engagement ball sparks a bloody revolution, pirate Ashen of Azure must decide where her loyalties lie. Will she condemn the royalty who drove her family from their home, or will she defen...

  • Hatter's Revenge (rewriting - read at own risk)
    15.9K 2.2K 35

    There are a few things you need to know about Wonderland. First off, completely misnamed. It should be Terrorland. People don't just accidentally tumble into Wonderland, it sucks them in. There is no following of cute white rabbits with pocket watches. Wonderland is dangerous and you can lose a lot more than your head...

  • Only Sad Girls Smoke
    6.6K 1.3K 18

    don't tell a sad soul that "smoking kills." something else could already be killing them. 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 In which Aliyah Arazi and Seif Zohair are forced into an arranged marriage due to an ancestral promise. Surely, love is inevitable? Except she doesn't know how to love herself and he couldn't spell the word. incl...

  • BLURRED | Annabeth Chase
    61.4K 2.6K 38

    •EVERYTHING HAS A BREAKING POINT• Annabeth Chase, one of the bravest and most intelligent demigods of the day, was captured in the midst of the Giant War before it could be resolved, leaving the rest of the Seven scattered. Her kidnapping began the turning point of the war that ended in the giants favor, and resulted...

  • Revenge of the Sluts
    558K 30.1K 61

    Revenge of the Sluts is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Eden Jeong, a high school journalist, is assigned the story of a lifetime after an email containing nude photographs of female students is sent to her entire school. ...

  • Guiding Stars
    19.2K 1.3K 48

    ✧ HIGHEST RANKING: #196 on Fantasy ✧ Fourteen year old Aven Whitmeyer is a "Special," in a world where those with powers are discriminated against. The "Normals" consider them to be a danger, and being one is considered a disgrace to all who know you. When she's kicked out of her home for discovering her magical abili...

  • Jane Eyre (1847)
    1.8M 24.5K 41

    "Jane Eyre" follows the emotions and experiences of its eponymous character, including her growth to adulthood, and her love for Mr. Rochester, the byronic master of fictitious Thornfield Hall.

  • When The Stars Fall
    387 55 12

    Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. The two of them had always been immersed in their own lives, having pulled in too deep in reality, and have never known the world beneath their small city. But when tragic events strike them, they realise that time was running out, and their lives collide in each other's. B...