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  • cuddle hotline | nct dream
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    ❝welcome to cuddle hotline, get your uwu's ready!❞ in which a girl is notified by a hotline app without downloading it. ! ON HOLD ! june 17, 2018

  • shit nct says
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    a chaotic cringe of dead nct quotations, yes they actually said these stuff 🤠

  • incorrect » nct
    57K 4.1K 54

    ❝short? lol, can't relate.❞ ❝your lines can tho.❞ ❥ • FORMER : open your rice diaries/blithe ❥ • INCORRECT SERIES : #1 ❥ • DATE STARTED : 04 | 27 | 18 ❥ • DATE ENDED : 11 | 05 | 18 ❥ • BOOK COVER BY : @leedoes ♡ Incorrect #1: NCT. ©2018 by seoulace

  • dank - nakamoto yuta
    81K 6.4K 8

    in which a girl communicates with a boy through memes

  • 15 idiots and counting
    1.4K 168 7

    kim *bunny*: i came out to attack people and i'm honestly having such a gr8 time right now. doyoung decided to make a groupchat among all nct members. it goes horribly wrong but they still chat in it anyways. → [ Not Another K-pop Awards: WINNER FOR BEST NCT FANFICTION AWARD ] ☆ nct chatlog story. © depressedrice | ki...

  • Trump's Kink (a Trump x Orange fanfic)
    13.8K 604 7

    Trump loves oranges His skin was orange to show his love A room in the Trump Tower dedicated to oranges A room in the White House dedicated to oranges The problem was he could never find the perfect orange When he met a certain orange, however, it was love at first sight If only the orange felt the same way

  • Jaden Smith Becomes a Kpop Idol
    50.2K 3.3K 19

    The story on how Jaden Smith fulfilled his life long goal of being a Kpop idol and joins YG Entertainment

  • This is Gospel (PATD bible)
    618K 61.6K 131

    The new addition to the Bible Series, the Panic! At The Disco Bible. (Also, omg u guys we got to #1 in Fanfiction thank u guys sm)

  • JackShrekticEye
    46.9K 4.4K 2

    Enter a world in which Irish Ogres reign supreme. Follow JackShrekticEye as he defeats the evil Lord Markquaad.

  • Puntopia
    6K 287 81

    Welcome to the big, bad land of PUNS! Enjoy your stay :) -:- (Previously called Randotopia, but no longer related to Randotopia at all) Sorry for any confusion!