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  • Infinity Minus One (Inanimate Insanity)
    4.3K 135 5

    When Test Tube and Lightbulb messed with time travel, they created an alternate timeline in which Salt and Pepper became the world's fabulously malevolent overlords - and the new hosts of Inanimate Insanity Infinity. There the grass is purple, the clouds are cubic, and eliminated contestants are flung into a black hol...

  • A Marshmallow's Guide to Loving a Complete Idiot (Inanimate Insanity)(Marshple)
    79.6K 2.1K 55

    For Marshmallow, figuring out life, death, reality, and the games we play is difficult. But navigating her relationship with Apple may as well be the most challenging thing she's ever done. (Luckily, Marshmallow is no stranger to challenges.) A Inanimate Insanity story where each chapter is a new lesson in love and li...

  • She's a Little Slow on the Uptake (Inanimate Insanity)
    12.2K 371 13

    Ever since the first time Apple set eyes on her, she had a gut feeling that Marshmallow was just a bit different than the others. ...What Apple can't decide is what "different" means, exactly. The only question that vexes her more than what makes her different is, "Why do I feel so weird when I think about her?" Inani...

  • Tissues and the Silver String (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    1.9K 71 1

    There's a reason why Tissues refuses to pick a favorite color. In which Tissues attempts to solve the greatest mystery of Hotel OJ. (AU in which Tissues can see the bonds between others. Focuses on Tissues and Yin-Yang, but delves into everyone at Hotel OJ's relationships, platonic and otherwise. I wrote this in 24 ho...

  • SkaterCheese's Snapshots Collection (Inanimate Insanity fanfiction)
    17.7K 300 12

    A collection of standalone Inanimate Insanity short stories I've written over the years! These scraps can mostly be read in less than five minutes. Though the subject matter and approach varies considerably, they all offer a taste of different concepts - much like you can taste a variety of free samples at Costco. The...

  • In Need of Counseling (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    2.1K 75 1

    "This place could have surprises lurking around every corner, and we wouldn't even know it." When Lightbulb talks Baseball into taking a summer job as a camp counsellor, he resolves to make the best of it and maybe confess the little detail that he has feelings for her. Of course, it'll have its own set of challenges...

  • Wannabe (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    6.7K 197 4

    "Is today a special day, or is it like any other day?" This is the question Pepper asks herself every day, and the answer is always contradictory; every day is a special day when you can be BCFFs with Salt, after all, whether or not you can confess the purely-incidental little detail that you've fallen hard for her. W...

  • Our Era
    8K 233 5

    Desperation has become the rule of thumb in the crumbling Inanimate Kingdom, where devastation of both external and internal conflict threaten to throw it into war. King MePhone's reassurances and grand parties aren't fooling anyone; the fog of unease is still overwhelming. With so much restraint around her, princess...

  • Infectious Laughter (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    2K 59 1

    There's a dance coming at Hotel OJ just for the eliminated and former contestants, and Cheesy isn't thrilled about it. Dancing's never been his forte and he's not charming or tall enough to get a date who actually likes him; why would he be? An invitation from the least attractive contestant changes things. (Tissues x...

  • Support Systems (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    1.1K 38 1

    "Whoa there, Soap. You know what they say about assumptions! Knife and I get on just fine. I can totally talk to him for ya." Cheesy and Knife. They're two dudes with little reason to interact, and even less in common. However, when Soap needs Knife's help with fulfilling an important mission, Cheesy and Knife's unex...

  • These Lone Stars (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    2.2K 33 1

    Microphone wants to avoid embarrassing herself. Cheesy and Soap want Microphone to confess her feelings for Knife. Somehow neither happens. (A Microphone x Knife oneshot written for the ever-patient @iiBossChrissy! Contains a reference to my previous oneshot A Jerk's Policy, but is an independent read.)

  • A Jerk's Policy (Inanimate Insanity Fanfiction)
    1.8K 41 1

    When Mic lets her crush on Knife slip to Cheesy, he's positive that she has a lot to gain from getting a comedian's help in wooing her crush. Hopefully things will somehow set themselves into her favor... (Highschool AU where Inanimate Insanity II is a show put on by the theatre kids. Contains Knife x Microphone and o...