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  • My first and my last || vrene || taerene || fan fiction
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    Irene have never fell in love before in her life, she want him to be her first and last. V is popular with girl, he get love confession from them but reject them because he need to focus on his career. Cover credit to @byunkyun

  • Teacher's Pet || vkook
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    Jeon Jungkook is the smartest kid in school, and will do anything to get a good grade. So when he finds out that he's failing math class, he decides to pay a visit to his teacher, Mr. Kim, to see just how far he has to go to get an A. [vkook/taekook] #214 in fanfiction [25 May 2017] = highest rank started: 13 Marc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stalker Killer •vkook•
    468 119 7

    Jungkook has just turned 16 and has gotten a new phone. -It's his responsibility to not do anything on there besides speaking to family members and close friends- ~But since his dad died and his mom goes somewhere every night to sleep with men...~ •He needs more friends...• But later on, he starts getting weird messag...

  • The Ideal Girl (Kpop FF)
    89.4K 2.4K 28

    Kim Hana, aka diamond from a JYP and SM(because she is the niece of the owners of them)girl group called GEMZ and is a SUPER famous kpop idol. They are one of the biggest groups in South Korea and Diamond is counted as one of the prettiest kpop idols. ALOT of idols say she is their IDEAL girl or their idol crush! She...

  • I'm sorry | Park Jihoon
    13.1K 504 21

    " I'm Sorry " was the only thing I could say. Started on: 12.09.17 Story status: ongoing:) © jigglehoon