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  • the mask hidden within
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    Rewrite of my discontinued book "The Boy in the Iron Mask" Please Enjoy.

  • The Archers Mark (on hold)
    12.8K 668 43

    Star was just a small Island war commander. Sure The group she belonged to was Known for their deadly nature. And she herself was well known for her deadly nature. However Marco and the rest of the Whitebeard pirates thought differently. Join them on there journey set years before Ace sets out, And witness Their st...

  • The seals master and The Uchiha
    715K 22.6K 36

    Just read it, I'm sure you'll love a cute MadaNaru fanfic. Ps. I do not own Naruto, I only own the plot of this story.

  • Everything
    186K 10.9K 28

    She remembered what Tobi had told her when he was in one of his serious moods. Everything ends. SakuraxAkatsuki Start date: 2/06/2018 End date: 3/06/ 2018 [✅] Completed #1 Sakura fanfic 2019 #1 Akatsuki fanfic 2019 #1 sakura×Akatsuki 2020 Sequel: belonging

  • Time All Over Again [IndraNaru]
    8.3K 326 1

    [I don't own the cover, it was made by @MiuXHond thanks by the way, but she doesn't own the picture either.] Naruto was sealing Kaguya away when suddenly -just before she was sealed away- he gets sucked into one of her portals. He wakes up and meets the one who he is reincarnated from. Ashura Ootsutsuki. Also he mee...

  • Bound to You (Naruto)
    128K 6.8K 28

    Orochimaru X OC Tsuki had been on her own, for nearly as long as she could remember, there were a few weeks of happiness that she could recall. There was a brief moment of peace and tranquility when her grandparents were still alive to care for her and pass down the stories of their people. The Towa Clan had been near...

  • will never let you fall to deep ( itanaru)
    84.9K 1.5K 9

    naruto parents survived and he is negelcted but he has as secert. the only one that know is his best friend and the person he love. if he ever reviealed his true gender turning would get worse. then itachi comes back because he captured him in anbu.

  • Patient of Eternity (U n d e r t a k e r ) [Kuroshitsuji 1] {Completed}
    169K 8K 18

    "I will wait, dear. A Patient of Eternity, my crush. A universal still, no rust." ... Charlotte has always had a rather morbid obsession with death. After losing her father at a tender age, and her mother some years later, Charlotte is left all alone in the world with no one to depend on. That is, until she meets the...

  • madara's pet
    123K 2.6K 8

    Naruto has been neglected by his parents for his siblings. Naruto grew up alone til that faithful day. that horrible day naruto was beaten worse then anything and the kyuubi merged with him and Sasuke stoped treating him as a equal. everyone just forgot about the blond togither that day. so naruto used his new fox for...

  • The Queen of Masks [Sakura Haruno Story]
    1.1M 59.1K 101

    There is a famous legend telling the story of a woman. No one knows her age or what she looks like, since she always has a fox mask on her face. They only knew what to do if one ever came across her. Turn and run the other direction. She had been reported to randomly appear while ninjas are on missions and k...

  • One Way To End The War-Naruto fanfic
    8.6K 419 1

    Just a oneshot I thought of off the top of my head. Hope you enjoy

  • The Eternal Emperor (One Piece and Naruto Fan fiction)
    112K 2.6K 6

    Left alone and immortal after defeating Madara, Naruto takes to the sea and makes a name for himself.

  • Marco The Phoenix x Reader
    22.7K 541 6


  • Kitsune-sama (Genius Naruto Story)
    336K 10.4K 16

    In which Naruto Uzamaki is free of all the chains Kohona had bound to him.

  • Ame
    15.6K 1.8K 19

    Existia uma vila que tinha as melhores colheitas, eles sempre agradeciam ao deus da Chuva pela bondade de lhes abençoar com a chuva ,entretanto essa adoração um dia teve fim. Com isso ele castigou as pessoas da vila, os deixando sem chuva e fazendo com que as colheitas fossem prejudicadas. Para aceitar o perdão do pov...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love never dies
    1.5M 46.4K 36

    Naruto had managed to keep the promise made to Sakura: the great Uchiha Sasuke has been brought back to the village. Naruto was then accused of being a traitor by Sasuke, when the boy did not like what the blond had said. Naruto was tortured to the brink of death and thrown out of the hidden leaf village with a threat...

  • Mine, Even in Death
    37.5K 1.2K 6

    Peiji Andorusu was just a normal Konaha rouge, well, as normal as a rouge is allowed. But after a brief fight with a group of Konaha ANBU, she seemed to have attracted unexpected attention. Will her unusual personality, along with her violent streaks, keep her alive? Or will somebody else take on that responsibility...

  • Memories of the Ghost
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  • The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)
    383K 11.8K 31

    The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The skin covering his face is no longer there, all having melted away. His blood vessels have all burst, his nerves have fried along with the majority of h...

  • Painless (A Naruto Fanfiction) [Completed]
    59.5K 2.6K 35

    ‘This time, I won’t get hurt.’ Asari Kazue is a shinobi who doesn't know pain. It's not that she's had a soft life- no shinobi does- she's simply physically incapable of feeling it. From the day she was old enough to understand, her family has been teaching her what can hurt her the same way a normal child is taught t...

  • [HIATUS] Madara's Little Sister
    88.9K 1.1K 9

    Madara is been called in his mother's room in unknown reason. He's in bad mood right now because of hard training. The time when he open the door, is the time when his heart warms. Seeing the little girl in his father arms. "Madara meet your little Sister, Yuri." ▶▷DISCLAIMER:◁ I do NOT own Naruto, Naruto belongs to...

  • The Sister Of Madara Uchiha
    174K 4.4K 47

    Yumi was only six when the war between the Uchiha clan and Senju clan stared. Yumi Uchiha is the younger sister of Madara and Izuna Uchiha. Madara treasures her above anything else. Today was the day Madara was going to be named clan head along with his brother but when their clan is attacked by Senju clan and Madara...

  • Hidden Hokage Of The leaf
    73.8K 1.6K 5

    Naru Uzumaki Namikaze became the 5th Hokage at 10 because of that old monkey. She was thought to be stupid,annoying,loud,ramen addict,tomboy,dumb,prankster,weak,2 years younger then the Rookie 9(? Or is it 12) Just Her..... But she is actually Smart,calm and collected,quiet, Strong(Kage level and higher),a good cook...

  • Silence is a deadly thing. (Naruto Fanfic)
    571K 21.8K 58

    (HIGHEST RATING: #1 in Naruto) "Sairen are known for being incredibly aggressive and protective when the time calls for it. Back when the Third Shinobi War was going on, the Sairen were the clan that everyone tried their damn best to avoid. They were the ones that gave the Bloody mist such a bad reputation, the ones...

  • The Princess Who Loves The Dragon
    126K 4.5K 29

    princess lucy has been locked in a tower ever since her mother died. the tower is in the middle of nowhere and the only way to get in and out is through a window. Lucy's only friends are a Dragon named nastu and his cat happy. read the story to here it all

  • [Itachi x Reader] Pocky Game One-Shot
    9.6K 361 1

  • 𝐒𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐇𝐎 𝐃𝐄𝐅𝐈𝐄𝐒 ⁿᵃʳᵘᵗᵒ
    183K 1.2K 6

    𝗡𝗔𝗥𝗨𝗧𝗢 ; she dances barefoot through the ashes as though the scattered embers licking her skin does not scath her. she laughs, wild and tender, as though the crimson tides melting the sky was nothing more but a tomorrow and not the end. ━━━ 𝕴𝖓 𝖜𝖍𝖎𝖈𝖍, the thousand-year-old great nations kisses the instep o...

  • Izuna's Apprentice // Madara One-shot
    1.9K 64 1

    Madara's paperwork seems to always pile up. Frustrated and Angry, no one wants to go near him. All except for his brother Izuna and his apprentice Yuna. What happens when Izuna goes on a mission and leave Yuna with Madara to help him organise his work? Made for someone on Quotev.

  • The Definition of Beautiful (Shin-ah Love Story)
    64.8K 2.5K 10

    "Are my eyes beautiful?" he asked me. His question was full of wonder. It was like he was afraid of my answer at the same time. I used my hands to hold his hand that was touching my face. "Yes," I smiled a warm smile at him. A smile that wasn't to cover the pain, it was just a pure warm smile from my heart. "I see...

  • Madara x Reader {Short!}
    6.2K 226 1

    I knock on the door of his house and heard no response from inside the other room, is Madara home?