Mine, Even in Death

Mine, Even in Death

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Whatever you want it to be, baby. -cue sexual wink- By ayameuchiha786 Completed

Peiji Andorusu was just a normal Konaha rouge, well, as normal as a rouge is allowed. 

But after a brief fight with a group of Konaha ANBU, she seemed to have attracted unexpected attention. 

Will her unusual personality, along with her violent streaks, keep her alive? Or will somebody else take on that responsibility?

*~ Sasori love for papez123~*

  • akatsuki
  • deidara
  • haruno
  • hatake
  • hidan
  • itachi
  • kakashi
  • kakuzu
  • kisame
  • konaha
  • konan
  • kony
  • naruto
  • pain
  • pein
  • sakura
  • sasori
  • sasuke
  • tobi
  • uchiha
  • uzumaki
  • zetsu
Don't worry honey...Orochimaru is a part of the Akatsuki anymore.
- - Aug 09, 2016
I was all serious but at the last statement I busted out laughing.
floppylala floppylala May 16, 2015
Oh my god so freaking funny. Burst out laughing an my family looked at my like I was crazy.
Bloody_Shadow Bloody_Shadow Aug 09, 2014
That last line though.... >-<
                              You are um... very... descriptive... I like it! XD
Dragamelon Dragamelon Jul 04, 2013
Omfg this is flipping hilarious!! I hope this story is a long one!!
AleeRoxRebillon AleeRoxRebillon May 19, 2012
lol i love her personality and the witty remarks that were made ^.^ Sasori is awesome but Deidara is awesome too! *O*