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  • Lil' Sister (Sakamaki x Reader)
    327K 8.2K 27

    You are the Sakamaki brothers' little sister, and I create short fluff scenarios between you and your brothers! Enjoy!

  • Akastski Secret (Diabolik Lovers x Fem!Half-Vampire Reader)
    72.3K 2K 29

    Akastski... Is there a history behind the name? Or are there only lies and deceit? Two Prophecies that intertwine like Time and Fate... Time and Fate may be entirely different, but they connect on a deeper level. As do the two Prophecies mentioned. One Prophecy foretells the future of (Y/n)... A half-vampire born of a...

  • Sister scenarios: Diabolik Lovers
    355K 10.6K 60

    What if the sakamakis had a sister. Here are some short scenarios of what could possibly happen. Strong language in some scenarios.

  • The Sakamaki Brothers Little Sister?! (Reader Insert)
    254K 6.1K 9

    It's said that Subaru is the youngest of the siblings? What if that's not true? What if they had a younger sister? What if that girl is you?! How will they react? Read to find out~ This is based on a question I got in the "As...

  • Akastski Secret: Special Curse (Diabolik Lovers x Fem!Half-Vampire Reader)
    3.3K 123 11

    Akastski... ~~~~ Was there a past behind the name? Or were there only deceit and lies? ~~~~ This is the continuation of Akastski Secret, but this story contains much more than the last... ~~~~ It has finally begun... The countdown, no... Her countdown, has begun. She's finally seventeen years old, and the curse is n...