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  • I Don't Want To Smile
    24.3K 1.3K 12

    An Ella Enchanted Solangelo Au Will was a newborn when he was cursed. He was 4 when his mother died. He was 10 when his Father remarried. He was 14 when he received the letter stating KIA. He still kept smiling.

  • Scarlet Eyes
    4.1K 196 15

    No longer human, Nico must deal with what he has become and the fact that Percy won't be leaving his life any time soon. When what Nico has become is found out, everyone is out for his blood and not even Piper's orders can keep him safe inside the Luna Pack. {Sequel to Read Between The Lies}

  • Read Between The Lies
    5.7K 240 15

    Will was born a werewolf, but he never joined a pack, despite his friend Piper's attempt to convince him to. Nico is the new kid in town, an ordinary human boy who quickly caught the heart of the werewolf. Having lived together for almost a year, everything was going great, until vampires move into town and not only i...

  • Broken Wings
    3.8K 154 17

    Sad solangelo one shots

  • Hi School (a sequel to Hi Dad... & a Solangelo and Percy Jackson fanfiction)
    21.1K 967 31

    After Nico leaves Camp Half Blood, he delves into the mysterious world of Morrowgan high. He meets strange people with strange powers. Does he really belong here? Can Will save him after all he's done?

  • Hi Dad... (A Solangelo and Percy Jackson fanfiction)
    61.4K 1.7K 19

    Will and Nico go about meeting each other's parents. But things don't always go smoothly! But when disaster strikes both camps, what will they do? Save one another or their homes, friends and family? Will love really beat all when death prevails?

  • unforgivable | solangelo royalty au | sequel to unattainable
    20.2K 949 11

    This is the sequel to Unattainable, so read that first if you haven't already. War has ripped two previously happy kingdoms apart. One is now in ruin, owned by the other, which has grown prosperous and more tolerant under it's new king, Will Solace. He is a benevolent ruler with an beautiful wife and a strong kingdom...

  • unattainable | solangelo royalty au
    237K 11.7K 33

    As royalty, Will Solace had his life planned out the day he was born. His parents control everything he does, including who he has to marry. They've picked a girl named Bianca Di Angelo, who is a princess from an ally kingdom. Their marriage will seal an alliance which will help both kingdoms. Since they've never met...

  • The Boy with the Black Sword
    16K 454 1

    A Percy Jackson/Kane Chronicles crossover in which Nico answers a distress call from Lacy and ends up at the Brooklyn Academy for the Gifted. He runs into Sadie who, mistakes him for Anubis, and then everything starts to go down hill.

  • Solangelo Soulmate AUs
    36.5K 1K 12

    An ever growing collection of Solangelo Soulmate AUs. Generally updated when I feel a spur of creativity and guilt about not having updated... (Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/Trials of Apollo do NOT belong to me, but the amazing Rick Riordan)

  • Stealing Your Heart {Solangelo Royalty AU}
    56.6K 2.8K 36

    Nico is a thief, Will the prince. All Nico wants is safety. All Will wants is excitement. And all the king wants is to capture Nico and tell Will how to be a "proper prince." ~~~CLIP FROM THE STORY~~~ If I had thought there were a lot of soldiers yesterday, there were twice as many today. I sighed and made my way to...

  • PJO / HOO / TOA One Shots
    8.4K 508 23

    Just a bunch of oneshots. I'm good at making description, aren't I. And I do not write smut ok, I'm way too innocent *finger crossed* *I cant even write a good kissing scene* I only write when I have the idea, and mostly Solangelo or Nico and Hades fanfics. Note : I do not own any of these characters, Rick Riordan doe...

  • Vampirish Love [NEW VERSION MADE]
    33.2K 1.6K 22

    Another Solangelo story sense it's so much fun. Basically Will is average teen who meets Nico. Who is a vampire. *edited version is out*

  • Worth the Fight- A Solangelo Royalty AU
    61.1K 2.4K 27

    {COMPLETED} \ I suck at descriptions so here is a preview for you! I hope you like it! Will is a prince and Nico is the kingdom's thief. Enjoy! / WPOV- I watched in awe as the carriage door opened and the guards carelessly hefted a small boy out. He appeared to be unconscious and I panicked when I saw the blood drippi...

  • Soldatino ** A Nico di Angelo Fanfic**
    56.1K 2.3K 27

    Nico di Angelo suffers a stigma as the only living child of hades: leaving him feeling as though he doesn't belong. But there was a time when he belonged, when his sister Bianca was alive. He is aboard the Argo II as his thoughts are focused on his dead sister. She is gone and it is his fault for not protecting her. W...

  • This is it: A Solangelo Fanfic
    854 36 3

    Three weeks and three days after the Giant War. Nico is still having nightmares and is still in the infirmary with Will. Nico rarely eats and Will and the others are getting worried.

  • See My Shadows, I'll Be Your Light
    34.1K 1.9K 39

    Who had ever hear of a school for demigods? Nico certainly hadn't, or not until he was transferred. And he would have been the loneliest boy there, had the cute boy with the messy blonde hair not taken interest in him. Soon enough Nico finds himself on an adventure unlike he had even known- and he'd been through a...

  • Solangelo One Shots
    305K 13.2K 169

    literally just solangelo one shots (cover by @grasstains)

  • Fighting (Percabeth) Book 1/3
    3.1M 50.9K 99

    They didn't know this would happen. Nobody did. But it did. Now they will pay. *LEMON= SEXUAL CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK* *15/6/17 finished editing. It is not the same.* #17 in fanfiction 15/6/17 SEQUEL: CONCEDE + CONFESSIONS Text copyright © LoveLifeBooks4eva ™ 2014

  • DEMONS [A Nico Di Angelo Fanfic]
    35.7K 1.1K 9

    After the war with Gaea, it seems as of Nico Di Angelo's life has calmed down. The Doors of Death have been closed, and everything was normal. But, as a new darkness approaches, Nico begins to question wether or not he can keep his friends safe... From himself.

  • Sunkissed Solangelo
    149K 4.9K 18

    *BLOOD OF OLYMPUS SPOILERS* Nico DiAngelo and Will Solace fanfic. Takes place immediately after Nico confesses to Percy. Beware the amateur writing and the overuse of puns. Enjoy hehe. Update: For those of you who have already read The Hidden Oracle, think of this as a prequel to that.

  • Atë's Assassin [Nico di Angelo]
    3.6K 311 6

    [sequel to Boys Like Boys•boyxboy] Atë, the goddess of mischief, ruin, and folly, wants to end every demigod that isn't a part of her army. What she doesn't realize is the commander of her army is trying to destroy it from the inside out. Calum Reyes, the son of Thanatos, has a plan. It's tricky, but might be do...

  • Ti Amo, Will
    134K 5.8K 69

    Just a bunch of Solangelo one-shots. I started out trying to relate them all to songs, but I decided that would get a little old. Other ships will be mentioned. Updates are jumbled, all over the place. I'm sorry about that. I don't own any characters unless I state otherwise. They all belong to Uncle Rick.

  • Boys Like Boys [Nico di Angelo]
    71.3K 4.7K 41

    [a Nico di Angelo love story•boyxboy] Calum Reyez destroys everything he touches. Literally, everything he touches dies. He doesn't trust himself around other people and when his mom sends him to Camp Half-Blood, everyone discovers who his father is: a god that's never had any children. He's the first...and hopefull...

  • Pirates
    1K 66 2

    Nico has grown up knowing nothing other than the open oceans. He wasn't allowed on land that much. It was a simple thing to give up, especially since his father was a Pirate more feared than anything. And now he was starting to control the crew, just like his father before him. And he was going to be the best he could...

  • Solangelo [ VERY SLOW UPDATES ] 1WC
    21.1K 724 14

    A story following the lives of two teenage demigods. When they're not fighting for their lives, their fighting for their love. Will they finally break down the barrier and shed some light into the darkness? --- Cover picture credit to... Well i found it on google and i can't remember who it was... ;-; but it wasn't me...

  • When the Artist Touched the Sun
    16.7K 976 30

    Black as night, his hair. Deep eyes, dusted cocoa. Narrowed, concentrated. His hands, frail, holding the pencil precisely. His walls, up, his head, down. Nico. His hair, yellow as the sun. His eyes held the sky. His hands, holding nothing but his heart, his mind, open. Will.

  • You're Good Luck, Sunshine
    15.2K 822 22

    Nico lived in a small house in a ragged part of town. Will lived in a castle with a crown on his head miles away. Nico had no parents. Wills parents loved him with all their hearts. Nico and Will were polar opposites, so why did they feel a connection?

  • A Talented But Dark Soul [ON HOLD]
    19.2K 906 21

    Continuation of Blood Of Olympus Nico is stuck in the infirmary for 3 days. Will is checking up on him and he finds that Nico is more talented then he thought New campers come by, expressing loves Even some jealously... Nico is making new friends and trying to become one with the camp Will makes Nico share is gifts...

  • Raised on Olympus
    51K 1.3K 8

    What if Percy Jackson lived on Olympus? I do not own any of the characters: all the rights goes to Rick Riordan. Plot based on Percy Jackson and the Olympian. (On-going) Cover by: @lostamoungstars