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  • Casualties ➝ Daryl Dixon (Firecracker sequel)
    71K 3.2K 10

    Book Two. With the separation from Daryl and death of her brother Arden came to realize that she was never a survivor, a fighter, or a Firecracker. She was nothing more than a casualty of this cruel world and it would take a miracle to bring her back to life.

  • Firecracker ➝ Daryl Dixon
    602K 21.5K 30

    Book One. Complete. Arden was a fighter, or as Daryl liked to call her- a firecracker. But when Arden's brother goes missing that fire starts to die out and she is faced with a decision: stay with the man who saved her life or leave to find the only family she has left.

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    📺The Walking Dead is perhaps the best show ever created on television! It has the most unique fandom and I am proud to be a member of that family! This collection of my poetry chronicles Rick Grimes' journey from the beginning of the world going to shit and walkers roaming the earth! 🔷Eclipse Awards Silver Winner 2...

  • I'm in love with my bestfriend
    3.3K 82 11

    this is going to be a twd fanfic about how sophia survived, and carl and the whole group misses her and are losing hope the only people that aren't giving up is carl and daryl. what if she's not dead? what if she's trying to find the group? the groups at alexandra... will carl give up hope or will he keep hoping? will...

  • The Dead Among Us
    415K 11.6K 80

    "Who are you?" "Demon to some. Angel to others." [oc x Daryl Dixon] Seasons: 3- on going CURRENTLY: SEASON 10 There's a twenty year age difference between Daryl and Lucy. Cause it's my book, and I wanted it that way :-) Deal with it.

  • Till Death Do Us Part: A Daryl Dixon Story (The Walking Dead)
    275K 9.3K 45

    Daryl was always a cold person. But that day when I said 'I do', I knew that there was a caring and selfless man inside him. And I hated to admit it, but I missed him. I gazed ahead into the scenery beyond the RV, of criss-cross dirt roads, lush trees and misty night skies. 'I miss you so much, Daryl Dixon.' I confess...

  • Double Crossbow (Daryl Dixon) [The Walking Dead]
    2.8M 65.1K 69

    ❝When it was quiet, I didn't have to worry about a monster trying to make me its lunch. I did, however, have to worry about my wandering thoughts, and I'd have a different monster on my hands if I let them wander too far.❞ ↣ A virus has erupted, turning loved ones into mindless, ravenous, killers. Where the rest of th...

  • A dream becomes reality (norman reedus fan fiction)
    431K 12.4K 77

    I was 20 years old when I completely packed my whole life and moved to Georgia. My mom supported my des ion but my dad on the other hand, had a different opinion. He thought it was dumb to move down there just for my favorite show being there. I applied for an internship on the show the walking dead and was chosen for...

  • FanMail (A Norman Reedus Fanfiction)
    42.3K 2.1K 33

    Chloe Hunter is a Fangirl. She is addicted to the show called, "The Walking Dead" especially the character named "Daryl Dixon". Chloe loves Norman Reedus. One day she decided to write a FanMail to him, and that FanMail changes everything in her life.

  • The return
    427 16 7

    SO! This is a continuation of my other story! But im just going to rewrite it. It's been 16 months since the groups seen Sophia. What happenes when they meet a certain little girl in Alexandria? Will she have moved on? Will she even remember them? *WRITTEN BY FRIEND!!!*

  • Fading memories
    147 11 3

    Madison lintz. Known for playing Sophia on the walking dead. But, 1 week after being killed off, she goes missing without a trace. Everyone is grieving, even more so now that the 6 year anniversary is 7 days away. The walking dead season 1-2 cast is coming down to Atlanta and staying with the lintz's to help them thr...

  • Tragic Coincidence | Daryl Dixon
    542K 15.4K 45

    Nobody ever thought this would happen. The dead have risen and are roaming the earth - desperate for their next meal.It's a gruesome world, and young doctor, Emma James is simply surviving like the rest of them. She's been alone for so long, until she wasn't. She finds a man bleeding out in a ravine, and she is left...

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  • Why?
    512 20 4

    Sophia peletier. A name that haunts me to this day. My best friend who was bitten. But I can't shake this feeling that it wasn't her that died, but no one listens. But Sophia peletier is alive and is treated as Negans daughter. But she doesn't like him. When she is on a visit to the hilltop and Rick see's her, he br...

  • The Unknown Dixon (TWD)
    125K 4.7K 1

    Alone before and after the world ended. Being abused by her father, unloved by her mother caused her to build up walls. High brick walls that nobody could brake though. Her two older brothers, unaware of the fact that they have a little 14 sister, never looked back. The only friend she has is the old worn down basebal...

  • HOME | Daryl Dixon
    51.7K 1.2K 12

    Amber Clark. A 9 year old girl who had her childhood taken away way too soon. With an abusive step father and a mother who was never around to care and chose to turn a blind eye, she looked out for herself. One day, she suddenly woke up at a strange place, an orphanage, the last one in operation. She thought that th...

  • Forbidden (Norman Reedus Fanfic)
    43.5K 881 16

    The struggle is real when a teenage girl falls for actor Norman Reedus. The funny thing is, he'll fall for her too. So many things happen that brings their relationship downhill. How will they survive in a world that would not accept the love they have for each other and why do some people always get in the way?

  • My Guardian~ SUPER ROUGH DRAFT.
    73.6K 1.4K 30

    Wynter is the daughter of Rick and Lori Grimes. When the dead starts walking, she is separated from her family. What happens when she reunites with her family and joins the group and meets a certain redneck? ~read to find out Credits go to me!!! I am truly sorry if there are any spelling errors etc..... * I made this...

  • Carl Grimes x Fem reader (Book 1)
    552K 14.3K 51

    As Carl and his group slowly and painfully survive the apocalypse, turns out someone else was too. (Y/n) was living in what was left of the world alone, hungry... but not scared. When (Y/n) meets Carl and his group its the last thing she thought she would be scared of... Trusting people. And most importantly, falling...

  • Daryl x Reader One-Shots
    286K 6.3K 33

    Just some Inserts I will be making!

  • The redneck has feelings? (daryl dixon love story)
    1.4M 40.6K 98

    Kayla had a regular life before all this. A loving mother, a father who even though they didn't get along all the time, loved her dearly, and a 16 year old brother who was her best friend in the entire world. But when the apocalypse starts its all different. Her moms gone. Her brothers lost and her dad gets bit, but b...

  • "Baby Sister" (The Walking Dead Fanfic)
    883K 26.9K 112

    Her name is Hailey and she was just a normal child. That is of course if you consider being abused by your alcoholic of a mother and left to rot by your deadbeat of a father normal. She may not realize it but the survival instincts in her blood may come in handy sooner rather than later. The silly apocalypse rumors ha...

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  • As one ➳ D.D
    559K 19.7K 83

    ❝I'm the violence in the pouring rain. I'm a hurricane.❞ (Daryl Dixon x oc) (Season one - four) (The walking dead) Disclaimer ; I do not own: the media in this book (the GIFS aren't...

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  • Dixon's sister / The Walking Dead Fanfiction
    182K 5.1K 35

    Chloe grew up in a horrible place, an abusing mother and a father who left. but Chloe didn't know that she has two brothers who grew up with that father, who was also abusing. All three sharing the same mom and dad but living in different places. Then the apocalypse broke out. What are the chances of her meeting her f...

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  • Daughter of Dixon (The Walking Dead FanFic)
    33.9K 705 7

    Rick, Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and Glen were out on a run in a nearby town about sixty miles away from Alexandria. Everything was going great until they found someone that's identity shocked everyone. It's only been two weeks since everyone arrived in Alexandria. Her name... Will be revealed when you read the book!

  • My Redneck (Sequel to That Redneck/ Daryl Dixon Fanfic)
    614K 18.9K 55

    Life is broken. That's the only way to explain this damned world. You can't do anything without second guessing your decision, you think that what ever you do is wrong and I can't even count the number of times I've lost my morales. I've had to do things that you should only have to see in the movies. Killing should...

  • Dixon's Sister ((Daryl Dixon / Carl Grimes))
    338K 9.3K 24

    Minx had run away from home at the age of seven when her father finally snaps and kills one of the few people that were close to her. After making a promise, she runs away from home in hopes of a better life without an abusive dad, but that meant leaving her two brothers behind. When Minx reached the age of ten, the s...

  • Baby Dixon
    29K 710 11

    *WARNING, SLOW UPDATES* The end of the world is here. Zombies are roaming the Earth and Hunter Dixon is determined to survive them. What she doesn't know is that she's not the only Dixon around. Hunter's dad Merle left her mom after a one night stand. Unfortunately, her mom passed away during delivery and left her wi...

  • Little Dixon
    26.5K 743 27

    Walkers. Death. Sacrifice. Survival. A young teenage girl stumbles along Rick's group by saving their life. She learns secrets that will change her. Will those secrets destroy her? When she has hope that her mom is still alive, what will it take to find her? Instead of putting everyone else in danger will she leave th...

  • The End. (Daryl Dixon fanfic) -The Walking Dead-
    114K 2.7K 34

    Hell's broke lose.. God only knows about this dark plague that has been set upon us. It changes people some stronger.. Makes some weak.. Some will die..Some will thrive.. Some can't handle the thought of almost no humanity. Certain words seem to vanish in the apocalypse.. Such as faith, hope, and love. Your forced to...