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  • An Unbreakable Love (A Demi Lovato Fan Fiction)
    176K 2.2K 111

    Okay so this is my first ever fanfic so please bear with me if it isn't that good to start off with. I wanted to make the male character slightly well-known due to the progress of the story. At one point I want to show that also the male character is also a singer so I may be taking songs from other artists, but let m...

  • Break The Silence - A Nemi Story
    73.1K 1.5K 57

    A story about Nick & Demi. Picked up from before the start of the Neon Lights Tour.. Will one of them finally break the silence and admit their true feelings they have been hiding for 7 years?

  • II Hemi One Shots II
    17.9K 751 40

    Some one-shots of my favorite couple :3

  • You're My Little Skyscraper - Demi Lovato Fan Fiction
    80.8K 1K 47

    Right so this is my first fanfic so yes it's going to be a bit crappy but I love writing so. Some chapters will be longer than others but that's just how it works! I started writing this because I was getting tired of reading Jemi and Diall fanfics and I thought why not! I basically ship anyone that makes Demi happy s...

  • Unconditionally (Demi Lovato and Harry Styles)
    2.1K 51 4

    Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right” I picked up the sharpened knife. It glinted and glowed from the few rays of sunlight that crept in through the gaps of the distorted window. Blood dripped from my wrist as I dug the knife further in my skin. He had left me broken again. I still remember when...

  • Feelings ➳ h.s
    3.5K 59 4

    ❝She had a man but she loved another.❞ [alternative universe]

  • || Hemi One Shots ||
    18.4K 567 25

    ***Written when I was 13-16 so the quality isn't amazing.*** Just a bunch Of one shots

  • Unloved But Unforgotten
    163K 3.6K 70

    Lillian Mathews is 15 years old and goes to South Hagerstown High School. her life has always been horrible ever since her mother's death but everything will change when she meets her new teacher... Miss Lovato.

    Completed   Mature