xHot_MESSx's Reading List

  • Surviving Life with the O'Conner Boys
    4.7M 103K

    Brooklyn Ryan thought she had enough trouble with her two very annoying, older, twin brothers; Drew and Kyle. But she guessed wrong when the universe just had...

  • Fallen
    3.7K 116

    Daniella and Eric are one in the same. Two peas in a pod. Best friends. Since Eric was seven and Daniella was six and Eric moved in nextdoor, the two have been...

  • Fixing Eachother (BoyxBoy)
    33.4K 468

    Kyrei is the badass who always gets kicked out of every school he's put in, but he's also a prostitute. He did it because drunk and sleeping with strangers was...

  • Taken into the Unknown (Complete)
    349K 9.5K

    What would you do if your best friend, your roommate, completely disappeared? What would you do if the police couldn't help you? What would you do if you wer...

  • Assassin? Check. Spy? Check. High School Girl? Wait, what?
    62.8K 1.1K

    16 year old Genevieve Elizabeth Taylor was an assassin and a spy. She was born and would die both, if the organization had anything to do with it. Though...

  • Damn Girl
    17.6K 274

    Three girls, Ryan, Adrian, and Belinda, are all cutters, each from a different level of the social hierarchy in their school. They know of each other, but they...

  • A Necessary Death
    1.2K 54

  • The Girl Who Dared
    5.3K 108

    It was raining. Always raining. A collection of monsunes and tropical storms. But only in my mind. I had been cursed like many others. Some say it is a gift. T...

  • Beating You
    6.1M 112K

    If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mot...

  • My Best Friend Got Beat Up by a Girl
    14.7K 299

    Shawn has an okay life, an okay home, and an okay best friend. Of course people make mistakes but, when Derrick his best friend tries to make a move on a new g...