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  • Fall in May
    25.9K 4.1K 59

    May Belle Grimm knows only too well that the hardest falls are the ones that happen when you aren't looking, and she has all the scars to prove it. But May is not your average San Fall girl, and nothing is ever quite as it seems to be with Maybe, both the good and the not so good. So when May is having an especially d...

  • Winter in May
    1.2K 165 19

    Winter is coming and it's almost time for Darren Dean to leave San Fall and resume his life in Sunset Beach. Only one thing is holding him back form his glorious return to the hell that spawned him ...the strange girl that he's fallen in love with. Maybe has fallen down more times than she can remember and has all the...

  • Don't Let Go (A Student/Teacher Relationship)
    9.2M 152K 47

    Riley had always been the responsible one; she looks after her younger siblings, she doesn't drink, she does everything by the book. But this summer she changed, her parents are around even less now and she's sick of being the goody-goody nerd. So she changes everything; her look, her style, even her attitude. But she...

  • Holding On Forever... (Sequel to Don't Let Go)
    953K 22.3K 27

    (Sequel To Don't Let Go). The first half of Riley Yeager's senior year has been anything but easy. She's hoping that her return to school after being kidnapped will lead to a six months free of drama so she can graduate without any hiccups, but it seems that fate has other ideas. She finds herself facing the truth of...

  • I'm Not Crazy
    10.5K 1.6K 52

    We are not the broken clichés you want us to be anymore. We have transcended beyond the "Good Girl ~ Bad Boy" boxes they tried to put us in. We are so far beyond all that now, that we are finally free of all those stereotypes. The story of us is not the usual cliche "good girl" meets "bad boy" that instantly fall in...

  • Anxiety Attack
    23.4M 872K 58

    In which a girl can't go a day without an anxiety attack and a boy can't go a day without noticing

  • Saving Everest
    20.8M 755K 52

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Adrift after a failed suicide attempt, golden boy Everest can't find anything worth living for - until he meets Beverly, a loner determined to prove him wrong. ***** For a boy who seemed to have it all - wealth, good looks, popularity, a wide circle of...

  • It's Simple. I use you. You use me.
    17.2M 451K 42

    Lucille is 17 years old. She does not have many friends. She's always been by herself since she had a hard time making friends. Ethan is also 17 years old. He is one of the most popular guys at school. He is the head of his baseball team. Boys admire him. And girls drool over his perfect looks. One night Ethan saves...

    Completed   Mature
  • Simply, I still love you. [Sequel to It's Simple. I Use You. You Use Me. ]
    615K 23.5K 18

    Lucille and Ethan started from a hot, lustful deal turned to passionate love, but things have changed since high school. Life got rocky and problems occurred. Can Lucille and Ethan withstand life barriers and fight through for their love? Or was their high school love just a memory to keep? To all the It's Simple. I U...

  • The Arbitrary life of Avery Blake [Student/teacher love story]
    438K 4.4K 46

    Avery Blake never had a perfect life, so when she starts to develop feelings for her new, hot music teacher and things begin to go wrong; let's just say...she isn't surprised. Join the 17 year old high school girl in the story that captures romance, friendship, horror and much more. Will Avery be able to run from her...

  • The Point of No Return {sequel to The Arbitrary life of Avery Blake [teacher]}
    137K 1.8K 39

    Just when Avery Blake's life was beginning to go smoothly after her Rapist's death: Corbin, she had two wonderful friends and an adorable boyfriend and music teacher, Cole Ford; she witnessed something that almost killed her...Kimberly and Cole kissing. She turned against herself and cut her arm after swearing she wou...

  • For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive
    50.8M 779K 64

    When Kara's best friend, Maver, moves in with his brother she isn't happy about it. Logan is nothing like Maver. He's straightforward, crude and just an overall menace. With a complicated home life, a complaint-worthy school atmosphere and Logan's added perviness; Kara has her hands full. But the trouble Logan presen...

  • Run (Disasters in Love: Book 1) (Part 1 COMPLETE)
    314K 14.3K 57

    Book ONE of the "Disasters in Love" series. Just out of an unhealthy relationship, Katarina decides to give up on men all together... Only to meet Bentley, a terribly attractive playboy with a few pretty big secrets. When their best friends couple up, Kat and Ben agree to fake a relationship. They begin to question...