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  • 3 Stepbrothers
    49.1M 913K 97

    PUBLISHED ON AMAZON --GET PHYSICAL COPY OR EBOOK ALSO AVAILABLE ON BARNES & NOBLE Merchandise also available Tori lived with her dad and little sister. She never expected to have a stepmother, much less a stepbrother. But whats worse is not only one stepbrother, not two either. No three stepbrot...

  • Baby of The Band - The Wanted spanking fic
    1.1M 13.1K 201

    Who thought The Wanted, the boys who party hard, love pranks and often seen having the wildest fun would be so serious when it comes to the Baby of the Band, Nathan Sykes. He was the youngest at 20. Sure, he was allowed to have fun but in limits. Break the boundaries set by Tom, Max, Siva or Jay and Nathan would end u...

  • Chilton Academy (Spanking Story)
    2.1M 23.8K 107

    This is a Jonas Brothers (Non famous) sister spanking fanfiction. This was originally written as a 3-shot entry for a spankfic contest and won. Hundreds of readers begged me to make it a story, so here it is. THIS IS A SPANKFIC STORY, THAT IS IT'S GENRE. This story contains NON-SEXUAL, NON-ABUSIVE spanking punishment...

  • Not Too Well
    90.3K 5.7K 15

    Desperate for a break from her demanding job, Lilith is convinced to check into the Wellness Center for a week. Curious as to how effective the center is, she decides to keep a diary while she's there. As Lilith's week at the Wellness Center draws to a close, however, she is suddenly told that she is too "diseased"...

  • One Direction Spanking Story
    7.9K 84 3

    basically loads of stories that contain one direction and spanking. some might contain other characters but not often. none of the stories are linked to each other, they are just prompts and the ages of the boys and the main storyline will be at the start of each story. ~bye~