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  • A Cloak Of Feathers
    34.2K 1.8K 13

    Ever since the falling, Angels have walked among humans, but not in harmony. Destruction and bloodshed wherever they go, the fallen are finished with being humanity's protectors. Armed with three daggers and angel poison, Keira has dedicated her life to eliminating the fallen and their soul devouring ghallows. Life ha...

  • The Summit
    744 66 1

    ~A story like nothing you have read before~ An experienced mountain climber determined to conquer Mt Everest, is joined by eight undead climbers to the summit where he discovers a devastating truth.

  • Switch
    3.9K 217 8

    "I'm just seeing things." Insomnia has always given Tasmin strange hallucinations, but none unlike the night a mysterious creature sets its eyes on her. When a distant cousin, Harriet Myers shows up on Tasmin's doorstep, strange bruises, vivid nightmares and something more sinister begins to plague Tasmin's life. De...

  • Shitty pick up lines
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    worlds most amazing shitty pick up lines

  • Is there something else?
    60.1K 2.2K 35

    COMPLETED! Feb 4 2019 STARTED Jan 4 2017 Katharina has a happy life, she has good friends, sweet parents and a good looking boyfriend(who isn't her mate). She is a strong person, always protective of her friends and family. But is she still going to be her old self when something bad happens? Will she still be the s...

  • Unknown Beauty | ✔️
    129K 5.7K 33

    #1 in Innerbeauty #17 in ugly #56 in Firststory Fallon looks in the mirror and sees flaky skin, dull eyes, and hair the colour of mud. No matter what products she uses or how often she washes, she remains unappealing and zombie-like. This is the witch-craft of Brooks, an old, degrading witch with a magnificent cackle...

  • Wanted by The Wanted | ✔️
    54.9K 2.2K 35

    #1 in Wanted #4 in Smoking She shrinks against the wall as I lean close to her ear, pressing my lower body against hers and holding down her arms with my hands, "Never. Ever. Try and hide something from me again. The day you start to think that hiding something from my gang is okay is the day I throw you out of here...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enough | ✔️
    158K 6.9K 58

    #1 enough #1 notenough #3 in lifelessons #15 relatable "They say you regret the things you didn't do more than the things you did do in life," I whisper, glad that I can still form a coherent sentence with him so abnormally close to me. I would barely have to extend my arm halfway to touch him. I become painstakingly...

  • Living In Limbo
    468 21 8

    When Astrid enters The Cave as a dare with her two best friends Regahn and Emmett, they meet a strange old lady and their lives are changed forever. A group of 'Inbetweeners' makes contact with Astrid and Emmett, leaving them with a bunch of dead people to help and Regahn thinking her friends have gone insane. The tr...

  • Gang Girl
    60K 2.1K 22

    I push him down to the ground. "Ha, you actually fell for it." I say as I stare at this weak and pitiful man. "Come on sweet cheeks I know you won't actua-..." 'Bang' And just like that I had ended the life of a man who had two children and a wife waiting for him at home. "You know what they say. Never trust a pre...