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  • texting :: m.c
    324K 11.2K 29

    ''dude my mum just asked me to buy some tampons for her what do i do'' ''i'm sorry who is this?'' lowercase intended +under construction+ warning: this is a very shitty book with a shitty rushed ending xxxxx

    Completed   Mature
  • Hopeless || Michael Clifford ✓
    268K 8.8K 35

    Sneaking glances in the hallway shouldn't have been difficult but every time she saw him, she felt as if her world was crumbling at her feet.

  • gunpoint
    1.5K 208 2

    in which a girl discovers her best friend has an infatuation with her, and a gun.

  • Internet Friends || Michael Clifford ✓
    2.3M 72K 46

    ~12:03 am~ To: "sex god" Mikey i wish we could meet. ~12:07 am~ From: "sex god" Mikey one day, we will. Sequel: Connected

  • grand theft auto → hemmings
    88K 6.4K 16

    when two teenagers meet from playing grand theft auto online

  • Reverse Groupies // m.c (SLOW UPDATES)
    67.5K 2.8K 40

    "Well, we go to concerts. Then we get kicked out." © existentivl

  • nirvana
    5.3K 209 21

    Coffee, cigarettes, and gum. |a luke hemmings fan fiction|

  • A night out
    1.3K 58 4

    "Your eyes are like...the most perfect shade of trouble." "Then you must be seeing your own reflection."

  • how to have sex with a rock star || lh
    2.6M 83.4K 37

    all she needed to do was complete the 8 steps that were scribbled onto the piece of notebook paper. how hard could it be?

  • my four word hell // lashton [pl; tłumaczenie]
    127K 7.5K 104

    opowiadanie o ashtonie, który jest w szpitalu psychiatrycznym, i luke'u, który przez to nie jest zbyt miły dla niego. (w wersji oryginalnej każdy rozdział ma 4 słowa) autorką jest outcamethewolves, ja tylko tłumaczę. mam pozwolenie (:

  • kik • l.h
    27.1K 1.3K 29

    where two teenagers fall in love over kik . bc they're hella basic.

  • pizza delivery//m.c.
    5.4K 286 12

    Just a fuck up and a pizza delivery boy.