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  • School for Babies?
    278K 8.1K 37

    Harry Styles wasn't expecting to be sent to boarding school at the age of 13. Although his family had been acting strange since he turned 12. They treated him like a baby. What happens when Harry realises this isn't a normal school? When he is forced to live with somebody who claims to be Harry's 'daddy'? No Larry sla...

  • Fixing Riker
    34K 860 51

    22 year old Riker comes home drunk, night after night. His family decides to put him in ageplay to try to help him.

  • Coming Home (Adopted By Markiplier Sequel)
    49.1K 1.8K 32

    Krystal, now sixteen, will stop at nothing to return home. Where is home exactly? Well, with Mark of course! After being taken away from him for so many years, she has had enough. Going against the system, she sneaks out and finds her way home. But, obviously trouble's going to stir. Seeing as how she isn't supposed t...

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    12.6M 177K 62

    After returning from England, Isabella is finally home for the summer. But she didn't expect to end up in bed with Caleb Knight, her brother's friend, giving him the one precious thing she can never get back. . . Her virginity. And months later a positive pregnancy test hits her harder than ever, but are they truly re...

  • Adopted By Septiplier
    96.3K 3.3K 67

    When Laura is adopted from her orphanage, she would've never thought it would've been Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, two of the biggest youtubers on YouTube. But Laura has to keep a big secret, and if anyone finds out, the ship 'septiplier' will be revealed......... WARNING: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Copyright// ©bubbl...

  • Adopted by Fifth Harmony (BOOK 1)
    87.8K 2.2K 58

    5 year old Jordan doesn't have a normal life like other five year olds. She lives in a orphanage. She was taken from her home at the age of three. She has no friends and she is bullied at the orphanage. No one seems to care for her. One day she gets kicked out of the orphanage and she now walks the streets. One day...

  • One Direction Age Play OneShots.
    658K 6.6K 55

    Well these are just some age play one shots. Send in your prompts!! Xx

  • One Direction Ageplay
    126K 1.9K 49

    {DISCONTINUED} Just a book with some one shots of One Direction Ageplay.

  • One Direction Ageplay
    227K 2.5K 31

    Collection of One Direction Age Play! Leave requests in the first part called comment prompts (: