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  • The Unfamiliar Experiment
    100 4 5

    Well this is different probably cause this story is from home worlds pov so yeah enjoy and I will post a new chapter randomly thru the week so if you want me to post another chapter just message me and I'll get right on it

  • Midnight Moon
    24 2 1

    An original story by me about a princess that lost her parents and goes on a quest for vengeance

  • Darco Milan the keeper of magic
    11 1 1

    A short story about a character for league of legends I hope he is added but hey that will never happen

  • Meet the 3 teams in: The battle of the elements
    213 3 8

    This is not a story it's something for all the characters in my story "Battle of the Elements" and it will tell you everything about the characters

  • Battle of the elements: book #1 The Finding the lost
    1.7K 128 35

    Would you really judge this book by it's cover ? If you would then something wrong with you. This is a book that is not like my other, it's a Book that might change you're point of view on adventure and fantasy. But do you dare to go on an adventure with kids who are not related by blood but they are family no matter...