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  • Haven't Forgotten My Way Home (Camren)
    500K 18K 30

    In the D/s society of Miami, men and women abandoned by their Dom/mes or otherwise deemed unfit for life "outside" end up at the Lakeview House for Orphaned Submissives. It is here that Camila Cabello finds Lauren Jauregui, broken and fearful from mistreatment at the hands of her former Dom. Can Camila coax Lauren bac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forever love
    69.8K 2.1K 33

    Lauren is a cold-hearted, unloving and dangerous officer with only one thing on her mind, vengeance, but will all this change when she is forced to protect her prisoner, a beautiful, fun-loving girl named Camila. (Also side note, this is story is more about them and their lives and how they end up in each others lives...

  • The Amante Curse
    62.1K 3.2K 26

    When Lauren Jauregui goes to Havana, she didn't think anything bad could possibly happen. It was her vacation after a stressful breakup from her abusive boyfriend of three years, Lauren just wanted to be at peace again. When exploring the coastline, she comes across a wooden box sealed tightly shut with wax, with a c...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sound of An Angel
    32.5K 1.4K 1

    based on: "Is there a one shot where Camren is a canon but like camila is deaf and lauren has learnt sign language but camila gets one of those ear devices that allow her to hear for the first time and the first thing lauren says is "I love you" and it's the first time camila has heard her voice and those words and sh...

  • Sweet Nothing ➳ Camren
    1.1M 26.5K 31

    Head cheerleader Camila and Badass Lauren have never gotten along, but when Camila's pride and reputation are on the line she gets a little desperate...and Lauren just happens to be there to help her out. Everything has its consequences though. _____________________________ Give it a chance! It's a great story! Conver...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rotten to the Core
    2.4K 178 2

    Camcy/Descendants AU Lucy, daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, golden girl of Auradon Prep. Camila, new girl and daughter of one of the most hated villains in the world. Cover by korslay

  • Princess - Fifth Harmony Ageplay
    70.3K 809 5

    The girls of Fifth Harmony have always seen Camila as the 'baby' of the group. One day, they decide to take it even further. Warning: Forced Ageplay

  • She Loves Control
    86.1K 2.4K 25

    AU: Camila Cabello is tired of the mundane life she lives. Work, school, the same two constant people in her life. She wanted a change and Lauren Jauregui knew just what she needed. Lauren Jauregui Morgado is the owner of one of the most exclusive kink clubs in LA, Sinister Desires. On a night out prowling, Camila tri...

  • Playboy
    126K 2.9K 15

    Camila Cabello is young, far too impressionable and looking for cash. Lauren Jauregui is older, wiser, and more than willing to offer Camila that money. - - "Her. I want her." G!P Lauren.

  • Running Wild
    66.8K 2.8K 8

    "I'm Lauren. Can you give me a hug?" She asked, the alcohol making her tongue feel heavy. The wolf crinkled its nose. Lauren thinks it smelled her alcohol breath, but she was feeling playful so she blew another bout of air to the wolf's face. It growled. aka the alpha werewolf camila gets too attached to a drunk laure...

  • One Shots (Camren)
    729K 7.6K 59

    fluff, smut, crazy weird murder shit. Whatever enjoy. Mostly smut doee Btw I did NOT steal anything at all if it's not mine. Credit to every original author. Don't say shit about it.

  • Let Me Help You (camren ageplay)
    649K 11.8K 31

    Camila is dealing with a lot and suffering from insomnia. Lauren just wants to help and take care of her. (this is probably going to be really fluffy, even the spanking scene is cute). This is a bit of a slowburn, our girls have a lot to figure out, but that doesn't stop them from cuddling and fighting like an ol...

  • Confessions Series
    27K 1.3K 4

    Winner of THE FANFICTION AWARDS 2018 for BEST COMEDY FANFIC Nominated for The Harmos 2017 - Funniest Fics Highest Ranking: #14 in Satire. A tell-all rant of Lauren's forefinger and why it is always trimmed.... and more Camren-related Confessions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Please don't convert, translate, or put my content...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stripper (Camren)
    12M 225K 62

    Have you ever imagined having two lives? Be two people at the same time? I bet you have. But between thinking about it and actually living it, there was a very big difference, believe it. Imagine... Camila, a sweet and delicate woman. Karla, sexy and imposing. Which one would you choose? What's your type? Hard, I kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Come Away With Me 》Camren
    215 8 1

    "Travel isn't always pretty. It isn't always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that's okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something go...

  • The Story Of The Sun and the Moon
    72.6K 600 1

    "Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night just to let her breathe"

  • Tails and Ears (Camren)
    263K 12.1K 20

    When Lauren finds a seemingly cute puppy by the side of the road, she decides to take it in. Convincing her other roommate to let them keep such a cute pup with wolf-like features wasn't hard, but when they wake up in the morning to find its not a dog, or wolf for that matter, things get a little complicated. Camila h...

  • The Fan (Camren)
    3.1K 73 1

    Still don't know how to make a description but here you are..... Camila text and unknown number thinking it Dinah and when she finds out who it is.

  • The Con (Camren)
    3.8K 175 11

    Camila's life suddenly changes when she meets the lead singer of an indie rock band, Lauren Jauregui. This story came to me while I was listening to one of my playlists and I kinda pictured it all, so every chapter will probably be named after a song. Just read it..

  • treat her better | camren
    4.4K 119 3

    Lauren has no problem admiring her best friend, Camila, from afar. She figures that it's better to hold her feelings for Camila at a distance than ruin their friendship. Enter Shawn Mendes, a flirtatious boy who ends up stealing Camila's heart. Can Lauren admit her love for Camila and prove to her that she can treat h...

  • The Audition Camren
    241 4 2

    Karla Cabello is trying her chances on The Voice Lauren Jauregui is one of the judges on The Voice What happens when these two souls meet...

  • Broken, Afraid, & Sensitive
    136K 2.5K 24

    You know that one kid in school who just seems to be the target for everyone else to bully and push around, usually a smaller kid? Well, at Miami School Of Performing Arts, that was Camila. She'd never done anything wrong, she had just always been the one kids messed with and it had really taken a toll on her. She was...

  • BabyGirl (5H ageplay) **DISCONTINUED**
    110K 2.7K 23

    When Lauren notices something changing in Dinah. What will happen when she brings it up to the other girls? I decided to change it up a bit and instead of Camren, its Laurinah. Cause Im laurinah AF! Warning: Laurinah is just the two that are the main characters, the others are involved and there may be scenes of the...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Portuguese (Camren)
    39.5K 1.3K 4

    Camila uses Portuguese to speak to Dinah about the mysterious and hot new girl in class. Will Lauren ever find out what Camila is saying about her? (#1 CAMRENAU) And I'm so sorry to all the Português readers for my spelling mistakes and grammar. It's not my first language! Published: October 2016 Vote/ Rate/ Comment!

  • Babygirls
    25.5K 495 8

    Conversion of a 5SOS ageplay story (not a traitor to 5H) but I read it so I can convert the story into 5H. Credit to @-officiallyuninvited for the origional story. Before I start the story Ally isn't part of 5H and the other four are a Famous girl group called The Tomatoes. Link:

  • Stress Relief
    119K 3K 12

    Lauren Jauregui is valedictorian, probably president of every club there is, and is getting it on with Camila Cabello. (disclaimer: this story sucks until later chapters. sorry y'all I didn't know how to write in the beginning. I've tried to fix it but it's still eh.)

  • Replacing Them (Camren)
    33.5K 1.2K 44

    Camila's Mum and Lauren's Dad get together and they have to live together. How will Lauren take it?