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  • Moon Fire
    2.6K 180 26

    Hiccup is the son of the chief. Well, he's supposed to be, anyway. But try telling that to the acting-chief, Magnus, who has some serious abusive tendancies, is despised and feared by all, and treats Hiccup more like a prisoner than future leader. His father is gone, unintentionally stranded, and doesn't show any sign...

  • How To Train Your Dragon: Scars
    43.2K 1.5K 30

    What if Hiccup had never shown Berk the truth about dragons? What if he was chased off instead of leaving on his own? Can he survive in the wild with Toothless? Or will he go wild himself?

  • How To Train Your Alien
    787 30 2

    In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship Viserion is awakened from their cryo-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel. The terror begins when the crew encounters a nest of dragon eggs inside the alien ship. An Terrible Terror-like organism from in...

  • Gifted {Httyd fanfic}
    24.3K 978 6

    I walked inside the forest to get some fresh air. It's been 1 week. One week since I killed the Red Death. One week since I lost my leg. One week since dragons came to live with vikings and one week since I changed.. -When Hiccup wakes up after the Battle with the Red Death, he says that he's been hearing voices calli...

  • How To Train Your Dragon~ Dragonese Dictionary
    2.2K 57 35

    Here is the Dictionary to the language of Dragonese from the book series How to train your dragon.

  • How To Train your Dragon Secrets Revealed
    173 6 2

    Hiccup people saw him as a hero but then saw him as an outcast a freak and he doesn't know why secrets will be revealed and yes Hiccup will be in relationship but who is it guess your gonna have to find out

  • He is not a pet!!
    37.9K 1.4K 11

    What is up with Hiccup? How does he react when people call Toothless a pet???

  • The Most Powerful (A HTTYD Runaway fanfiction)
    7.9K 208 5

    Hiccup may be the most powerful Berkian ever, but his parents wouldn't know. For fear of his own power, Hiccup keeps it hidden, knowing that if anyone where to know that he had forbidden, he would be made an outcast. Hiccup was born with these powers: the power to use dragon magic, also called "dragon soul". He could...

  • My secret life - Editing
    11.6K 273 13

    This is my first story so be good to me. So it is a crossover. It is not much but it has Merida from Brave. So Hiccup is a girl, can talk to dragons, can change into a dragon(night fury with dark green scales), is an excellent with any weapon, has secrets. Aster is a boy, Snotlout is not her cousin, all the boys have...

  • The Dragon Warrior
    6.7K 176 4

    Hicca was taken from her home nearly 20 years ago. Nobody has ever seen her since she was barely but a babe and has been pronounced dead ever since. Stoick and Valka have been in deep depression since that day and have named their nephew the heir in fear of losing anymore children of their own. One day, 20 years later...

  • Impossible (HTTYD FANFIC)
    4.2K 219 8

    A How to Train Your Dragon Hybrid fanfiction. "Hiccup was not looking good. His face was pale, his lips the same colour as his skin. He blinked slowly and tried shaking his head many times to get rid of the swirling colours that were his friends. Blood pooled around his side and covered the grass beneath him and none...

  • Dragon's Calling
    74.1K 2.9K 27

    Something strange is emerging within Hiccup. A power that will lead him down an unpredictable path. It will be up to him if this path is pleasant or full of sorrow. NOT MY OWN STORY! @NeonPinkBlackRose book "Gifted " inspired this story! I give my many thinks to @NeonPinkBlackRose for giving me permission to post...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forgotten Ones (HTTYD) (Rewriting)
    10.6K 385 10

    (Modern AU) Everyone on the isolated island of Berk was born with superpowers. Except one. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, never had powers and struggled to fit in with society, and was ridiculed for it. When he finally gets his chance to be respected, he shoots down a Night Fury in a dragon raid, befriends it and put...

  • The Prince of Dragons (A HTTYD Fanfiction)
    40.7K 1K 10

    What if the dragon that took Valka missed, taking Hiccup instead? What if Hiccup had been raised by dragons instead of on Berk? Note: Through most of the story, Hiccup will look like he is in HTTYD 2, but this story is mostly based on HTTYD 1.

  • Prince of All Dragons
    30.4K 488 25

    What if Hiccup left before he met Toothless and met the White Bewilderbeast and saw his mother for the first time? The Bewilderbeast sees potential and Hiccup and gives him some of his blood to claim him as heir. Hiccup is trained by the dragons and his mother. He goes exploring and meets Toothless(has both tail fins)...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Soul Of A Night Fury [How To Train Your Dragon]
    218K 8.6K 29

    It's been days after the battle of the Red Death. Days since Dragons and Viking united and days since, the young boy, Hiccup was gravely injured defeating the Red Death. He's recovering well. His life is okay for now. Has a good relationship with Astrid and the other teens. But everything changes when he discovere...

  • Hiccup The Dragon Queen
    76.8K 2.6K 13

    What if Astrid never saw Hiccup to stop him from leaving. what if he defeated the queen on his own and fell in love with toothless. Warning: Toothless/Hiccup, Mpreg, Astrid/(male)Stormfly, Graphic sexual descriptions

  • Cold Heart
    40.5K 1.4K 20

    And in one moment, everything changed. In one moment, they drove him away. In one moment, their Hiccup became so fed up and angry that he ran. He ran away as fast as he could as far as he could, never to return. What if someone is hurt beyond what any child should be hurt, driven away, and has to find his own way? Wh...

  • The Rouge Angel (Book 1) - HTTYD
    14.3K 746 10

    He was Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third. During his time as a beat up, fifteen year old Viking, Hiccup started to change. Physically and mentally. He was getting powerful, violent urges, and his veins turned black, and started to show. In the arena, when he was supposed to kill the Monstrous Nightmare, something w...

  • How To Train Your Dragon: Dragon Descendants
    36.7K 1.9K 18

    What if I was to tell you, that over a thousand years ago there were dragons? Dragons that roamed the earth freely. Great fire breathing beasts that could kill a man with one blast. What if all these stories people told, were real? What if the days have begun? The beginning of the new era of dragons! Tristan Haddock h...

  • The Dragon Warrior
    15K 462 14

    this story will start off where Astrid goes to tells the village about Hiccup and his dragon. First HTTYD fanfic no hate pls.

  • New Life Ahead (HTTYD)
    55.9K 2.1K 22

    Hiccup finally had the chance to be the Viking he never was. But he never brought down the knife. Instead, he freed the most notorious dragon ever known in Berk. But what if this one simple act of kindness resulted in Hiccup's life changing in a way he never expected? Hiccup will have to decide if this change is eithe...

  • This Is What I'm Good At
    9.8K 284 7

    SLOW UPDATES ••••••••••○○○○○•••••••••• Modern HTTYD AU wherein Hiccup-... Henry, joins a private army after leaving Berk for being, how he was always called his entire life, a runt, a hiccup, a disgrace. After being recruited, he meets amazing new friends and quickly becomes one of the organization's best. But Berk is...

  • Changed
    14.2K 491 9

    Hiccup runs away after 15 years of pure torture, and on the way he meets a group of Misfits, one that Toothless is familiar with.... and not in a good way

  • You're Human? (HTTYD) (Toothless x Hiccup) (Dragon/Human Toothless)
    93.4K 2.4K 14

    When the gang found out that dragons have human forms, Hiccup develops a crush on his best friend Toothless, but does Toothless feel the same way?

  • The Black fire (BOOK 1)
    3.3K 287 41

    Berk is a peacefull village. Sort of. Vikings have been living there for decades, now used to the constant attack of dragons, what would happen if, suddenly, a new enemy appear out of nowhere? I gotta thank TheNightFuryDreamer for inspirating me. Also, bare with my grammar pls, im not native english. I do not own thi...

  • Night Fury's Rage
    104K 4.4K 20

    While Hiccup is unconscious after the Red Death battle Toothless tries to wake him up. He shoots a plasma blast into his face and Hiccup breathes in the fire. A small mark forms on Hiccup's hand, a Night Fury spiraled up. Soon after he wakes up Hiccup develops some...symptoms...

  • Disappeared, than found. ~Discontinued~
    25.5K 689 8

    Hiccup ran far away from his so called home. Berk, it still makes him angry yet sad at the same time. He left Berk behind when he was 15 and he had won Dragon training. His reasoning? well he had trained one of them. A dragon. Not just any dragon, a Night fury. The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. He ha...

  • Mysterious Rider
    137K 4.5K 29

    Hiccup was five years old when he was snatched up by a Night Fury in a raid and was never seen again. 15 years later, Berk is on another hunt for the nest, but things go wrong when a storm hits and the Chief, his wife and Gobber are stranded in an icy wasteland. While searching for shelter they're ambushed by dragons...