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  • G/t Youtubers
    53.3K 1.3K 39

    Just a ton of short stories of G/t youtubers, xreaders, etc!!! You can give me suggestions and I'll gladly write a chapter with your idea and give u credit!!!! Sorry of theres any misspelled words, I try to post as much as I can when I can!

  • G/T One Shots? (Platonic "Ships" and More)
    22.1K 824 48

    How do these work? I have no idea lol. Anyways, this is where I put short story chapters which according to the internet are called "One Shots" I believe...? I don't know, I haven't spent much time on Wattpad, but that's what other people call it. But again, this is where I'll put small scribbles or ideas I come up...

  • The Space Voyage (G/T P!Septiplier)
    15.2K 611 36

    This is the future. The people of earth have grown out of their eggshell and reached out into the mysterious world of space. The Space Race was in hand, and in turn planets were being sought out to discover other terraformed worlds to strengthen the human race and save Earth. One certain starship contains Mark Edward...

    Completed   Mature
  • Borrower!Septiishu
    3.1K 172 6

    Cover art by Pizsospa, who also helped me flesh out a lot of the ideas for this. She's the best! Jacksepticeye and Wiishu are Borrowers living in Markiplier's house. Lots of good, wholesome gt fluff and cuteness!

  • Little People Are Real!?
    14.1K 451 21

    Forced from his previous home, Lance is a borrower living in an old apartment, with a messy human named Keith, what will happen when Keith sees lance will there be friendship...or maybe something more. Also what will happen when lance recovers old lost memories, will he be able to go back to who he once was? Or will...

  • Low Tide ( Aquariumstuck CroKri)
    31K 1.4K 32

    Cronus finds a live body washed up on the beach after a horrible storm.... What could go wrong?

  • Wait...Humans Need Air, Right? (Merstuck! DirkJake Fanfic)
    95.3K 4.1K 26

    When 16 year old Jake English moves from his small island to a small beach on the west coast, he expects nothing but boredom and less adventure than he'd like. But after being saved from drowning by a mysterious person, he learns that there's a bigger adventure than he ever could've imagined. (This is just a little D...

  • Mark and The Borrower
    24.1K 1K 28

    Time to start you're new life alone as a borrower! You've finally come of age to leave your parents and find a house of you're own. You must choose wisely and keep out of sight of humans but what happens when you end up in a busy household of a well known Youtuber? Will you be caught or can everything work out for you...

  • Roadblock (G/T P!Septiplier)
    2.6K 120 10

    In the chaotic world of a gargantuan apocalypse, Jack McLoughlin discovers old ties and uncovers the truth behind everyone's suffering. But in this fucked up world, can he survive long enough to find and fix the source of everyone's problems? Or will humankind never recover from the giant apocalypse, and will he ever...

  • Storms Don't Last Forever (A Giant Jacksepticeye X Borrower Reader)
    15.5K 532 12

    (Y/n) is a Borrower that has been abused all her life. She has been kicked, attacked, beaten, and manipulated with no control of herself whatsoever. When she was 16, she runs off, trying to find a new place to call home. Once she travels for what seems like forever, she ends up giving up. But before she can end it all...

  • Thunder (G/T P!Septiplier)
    2.5K 140 11

    Mark's life has been constructed around harmony and knowing your place. To be a warrior of the Pänthera tribe is an honor, and serving the chieftain means serving your people. But the tranquility of order and peace is shattered when a strange day turns Mark's entire world upside down: he discovers a strange creature t...