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    1.3M 97.3K 48

    *completed*The Jotun have been fighting amongst themselves for centuries. But now Valka, a young servant from the ice palace, is about to discover a new and terrible enemy has arisen. Note: FLOOD is a stand-alone book set in the Jotun world. It is not book 2 of the Frost series (that will be published by Patchwork Pre...

  • The Forbidden Lands (Wattys 2015 Winner)
    1.1M 71.2K 33

    Evelin is known as the wild Fendway sister. She dreams of someday escaping to the Forbidden Lands to the west, despite the rumors of its danger and dark magic. Evelin escapes to the lands and finds them to be not exactly how she expected. The creatures there need help, and only Evelin will save them. On a journey fil...

  • Antidote
    111K 9.3K 98

    An antidote for the lost, the hurt, and the broken. Highest Ranking: #03 in Poetry [06/21/16]

  • I'm Fine ✔
    855K 65.9K 105

    I'm fine I'm fine I'll be fine. | A story told through verse. WARNING: Because of the themes I introduce in this book (eating disorders, strong language, and self harm), Wattpad has rated this story mature. HOWEVER, I personally recommend this to be PG-13, so don't be afraid to check out "I'm Fine" if you'...

    Completed   Mature
  • Isteri Atas Kertas ( COMPLETED ) #Wattys2016
    3.5M 89.5K 53

    Mengisahkan kehidupan seorang isteri ( Aryssa ) yang didera, dicaci maki dan dianggap sekadar isteri di atas kertas oleh suaminya sendiri ( Farish ). Ikatan perkahwinannya bersama Farish tidaklah sebahagia seperti pasangan suami isteri yang diluar sana. Mereka disatukan bukan atas dasar cinta tetapi disatukan atas da...

  • Girls & Tudung
    158K 12.3K 83

    Alang² baca tu comment la derrr~ It's all about the normal and weird tips or opinions or whatever about GIRLS AND TUDUNG. No matter either you're a male or female, u can read this thing. For the ladies, you'll find these are the typical things we do all the time. And as for guys, these things are actually patut koran...

  • Hipotesis Cinta
    107K 9.5K 50

    Dalam bercinta ni, ada tiga variable : 1)Manipulated variable - perasaan suka atau cinta? 2)Responding variable - adakah si dia 'the one' yang kau cari? 3)Constant variable - mungkinkah perasaan kau akan sentiasa sama? Konklusi berdasarkan hipotesis. Jadi, apa hipotesis cinta kau? Sinopsis : Alien sesat. Chipsmore exp...

  • Pengawas Gila!
    1.8M 96.9K 66

    Cinta? Mengarut semua tu. Tiada lagi perkataan 'cinta' untuk si Pengawas Gila, Sarah Zulaikha. Lagipun budak 'underage' mana boleh bercinta. SPM pun tak lepas lagi. Tapi dalam diam, dia menyimpan perasaan pada seseorang. Tapi siapa? Adakah Amirul Firdaus yang merupakan Ketua Pengawas di SMK Megah merangkap bestfriendn...

  • Royal Blood (Book I)
    32.1M 909K 57

    [WINNER OF BEST HISTORICAL FICTION STORY IN THE FICTION AWARDS] There is a story that has been whispered into ear after ear across many countries. It's a sad but hopeful story, the story of The Lost Princess of Scotland. You should know that the story I am about to tell you is true. The horrific events within said sto...