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  • Fuckboy•MatthewEspinosa
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    "Your so beautiful" "I've been twenty other girls heard that this week" In which the schools fuck boy, makes a move on his 'best friends little sister' WARNING>>Smut is included graphic detail.

  • Instagram | Magcon [COMPLETED]
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    @camerondallas followed you @aaroncarpenter followed you @taylorcaniff followed you highest ranking: #1 in Fanction 5.21.17 :)))

  • Daddy||N.M (NEEDS EDITING)
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    "Deal" i said he smirked and grabbed my hand.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sammy's little sister
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    "stay away from my sister! she's 15, you're 20, stay away Gilinsky!" "age is just a number Sam and I can do whatever the fuck I like!" "oh my god you're such a fuckboy"

  • ROSTER; Nate Maloley
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    Olivia Grier. 18 years old, twins with Nash Grier to be exact. Sure she may be Nash's sister but who said she's friends with Cameron Dallas or Matthew Espinosa? Who says she's even known to them? She's a secret sister I guess. None of Nash's friends know about her. They don't even know about her singing and rapping ta...

  • Anonymous Kiss // Nate Maloley
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    "You should do it he won't see your face and its once in a life time" What would you do to grab your crush attention?

  • Matthew espinosa (dirty imagine)
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    Hey guys I'm scared to write this

  • Super dirty matt Espinosa imagine
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    XXX super dirty almost porn will make you super horny rated R

  • J E A L O U S Y; J G
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    for the tables have turned and it was no longer her pain, it was mine. a jealousy turned, hate sequel to with benefits

    Completed   Mature
  • T H E T A L E OF T W O; J G S W
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    " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by" This was also my first book, ik it's messy, hard to follow and the time is awful. I promise it's somewhat good!

  • Flirt // Sam Wilkinson
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    Lux is a fun and hard to get girl that falls in love with "the player" Sam Wilkinson. After getting to know Sam at a party they have an instant connection. Can Sam change his ways to prove to Lux that he's not a player? And when the two start dating what happens when people try to break them up?

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    he wanted to protect her from the one who yearned for her love most. © jetblackparade covers inspired by

  • unknown (gilinsky au)
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    " i fell inlove with this unknown number who's name happened to be jack gilinsky " new message from: unknown number gilinsky, jack COMPLETED BUT RLLY SUCKS LOL.

    Completed   Mature
  • W I T H B E N E F I T S ;J G
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    he was my best friend, my shoulder to cry on my everything. when we took that extra step in our friendship i was so happy, but it killed me to know the shoulder i cried on made me cry

    Completed   Mature
  • reckless idiots (j. gilinsky / s. wilkinson) - on hold
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    They're the ones you're scared to approach in school, the ones who don't give a shit about anything, the ones who have the most fun.

  • Hunter Rowland (Love Story)
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    Calaboration with mc5073 aka MYBFF4L/BAGEL/BFF MUSCL.LY:@Mac5073 and @hiitsmedestiny