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Daddy ☽ sam wilkinson by bbgxmaloley
Daddy ☽ sam wilkinsonby Queen
Unknown number : Hey Me: Um who's this? Unknown number: Your daddy (; Sam wilk story. 2nd book hope you enjoy 1st book: fuckboy (jack g book)
Typical Fuckboy s.w. by omgihy
Typical Fuckboy omgihy
"Sam, stop calling me babygirl, because you and I are never going to be a thing" "That's what you say now babygirl"
skirts; s.w ♡. by thycr1s
skirts; s.w ♡.by c 🌷.
"i dare you to lift up celine's skirt everyday" "i can do that watch." --- "sorry my hand slipped" in which a girl wears skirts for a boy w...
Bullied By The Omaha Boys (EDITING) by booksbyvictoria
Bullied By The Omaha Boys (EDITING)by victoria
UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! Leah was always bullied at her old school in Chicago and when she moved to Omaha she was hoping for a fresh start and new beginnings. But as time w...
Our Dirty Secret; s.w by TumblrBaeCarina
Our Dirty Secret; s.wby Karina
He pinned me on the door and I started to squirm. "What do you want?! Just for you to leave me the hell alone" I said as I tried pushing him off but his strong...
Burning Desire (Jack Gilinsky) by harrystattoos5
Burning Desire (Jack Gilinsky)by harrystattoos5
(Not a friendship fanfic) Belle is a 17 year old girl with a traumatic past and present. Her father is an alcoholic who has been abusing her m...
Sammy daddy by lianamurphu
Sammy daddyby lianamurphu
Just moved to Omaha from California to live with my mom to start a new life but i run into some bumps on the road..
Neighbors || Nash Grier *ON HOLD UNTIL IT GETS MORE READS AND VOTES* by CarpenterxGrier
Neighbors || Nash Grier *ON HOLD jane fairsister
We all have good and bad neighbors, then there's the hot one. © Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be reproduced, modified or distributed withou...
Wrong Number by wilksgirll
Wrong Numberby wilksgirll
When Aubri's "friends" give her a fake number, she texts it. Hoping to hear back from her girlfriends, its a boy. Sam Wilkinson instantly recognizes her from s...
Complicated Affiliations// Jack & Jack by officialomahalane
Complicated Affiliations// jess
Is history more important than the present
7 years// jolinsky one shots by peachyjolinsky
7 years// jolinsky one shotsby 🦋🦋🦋
In my most famous book, you love I, They have a 7 year time jump. Each chapter will be a moment in those seven years. They will not be in order and I recommend reading y...
The Boys next door (Jack Johnson story) by kidraxul
The Boys next door (Jack Johnson Rissa❤️
Angie was an ordinary 16 year old girl . But when Jack Johnson moves in next door with the rest of the boys ,will they go to far to win Angie's heart?
Babydoll (Nate Maloley fan-fic) by Bradley_vampette
Babydoll (Nate Maloley fan-fic)by Bradley_vampette
,,Do you think it's worth to try?'' Jay asked him in tears. Biggest cup in basketball begins. Jay is cheearleader in her school bassketball club. On opening ceremony s...
California by iamsuperalex10
Californiaby iamsuperalex10
Leah is 18. She's from Princeton, Indiana. She moves to LA and her neighbor isn't exactly who she thought it was. She meets him and his friends. When she does her life g...
Unexpected Feelings. (Jack Gilinsky) by gilinskyisgucci
Unexpected Feelings. (Jack gilinskyisgucci
Oceane and Jack are best friends, they have been for ten years. They do anything and everything together. They've always had a flirty friendship, but that is just who th...
Jerk S.W by mylovershawn
Jerk S.Wby Jill O’Brien❤️❤️
A book about a girl, who often falls off of her bed, and a boy who often falls for the girl. |highest ranking | | Fanfiction #80 | | Sammywilkinson #8 | | Samwilk #4...
instagram; jack gilinsky by glaciuer
instagram; jack gilinskyby 🐘🍃🐾☁
"@jackgilinsky followed you" lowercase intended.
work out; sw by TYBGWILK
work out; swby champangemami
"hey, we got a good thing. don't know if I'ma see you again. but is that a good thing? cause girl I can't be your man, no ma'am" a story in which a boy constan...
down chick | freshlee [DISOCONTINUED] by papivogue
down chick | freshlee [ chai
it goes down in the dm's. in which a girl ends up in a group chat with the freshlee squad - lowercase intended
twitter//j.j by sippinonjohnson
twitter//j.jby javia .
"people say its weird for me to be an 18 year old fangirl"