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  • New Friends, New Secrets
    45.3K 1.6K 16

    The Matthews family moves to New York from Texas. Cory and Topanga Matthews have three beautiful children. Their son, Lucas Matthews, who is fifteen. Their daughter, Riley Matthews, who is fourteen. And their youngest son, August Matthews, who is six. But prefers to be called by his nickname, Auggie. Cory gets a jo...

  • For The Crowd
    101K 3.7K 36

    A story where a junior baseball player and a freshman softball player are partnered up for a chance to win a week training with professional players.

  • Girl Meets the Future <lucaya>
    149K 3.8K 57

    Maya Hart has been through nothing but sorrow and misery in her life. Everything horrible happens to her meanwhile all the best happens to her best friend, Riley Mathews. Maya meets a guy named Lucas Friar and she instantly notices that he's not like all the guys that she's dated. He's something more. l u c a y a r i...

  • Falling for the Doorman [Lucas & Maya]
    1.2K 87 1

    Submission for fanficfriday contest Lucas is a doorman for apartment building that a single mom Maya lives in. Both happen to be single on Valentine's Day [Lucas & Maya]

  • Diner Girl↣lucaya (on hold)
    51.4K 1.1K 15

    in which a girl pretends to be an actor's, who she can't stand, girlfriend

  • The Bet
    84.9K 3.1K 32

    Has someone ever wronged you so badly you've wanted to take revenge on that person. Riley makes a bet with Maya where's she forced to make a certain cowboy fall in love with her. Once he's in love Maya she must break his heart the same way he broke Riley's heart.

  • Supernatural
    25.7K 1.2K 14

    Maya Hart thought she was alone in this world. Who else was connected to the supernatural? Turns out that there is a whole school for kids like Maya. Maya starts at Willow Creek High School, a.k.a. School for Freaks Like Her. Maya meets Riley, her overly happy roommate, Lucas, the loner who just wants a friend, and F...

  • A summer unlike no other
    110K 3.9K 36

    Maya's spent every summer since she was born with her mom in North Carolina. They always stayed with the Matthews, close family friends, who lived in North Carolina full time. Maya's always been in love with Riley's older brother Lucas but Farkle Riley's other brother was her first kiss and he doesn't want her to forg...