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  • Pretty In Your Skirt •Ministar•
    68.6K 3.1K 31

    Unknown : You looked pretty in your skirt today Vikky Vik : How'd you get my number?

  • hello | poofless
    71.7K 4.3K 40

    a story in which two boys fall in love through text messages. completed | ✔️

  • [ON HOLD] Lost In The Woods
    20.7K 883 19

    Life for Mitch wasn't the best, having to live with grandma at the age of 5 because of parents being killed by a creature isn't the best either. But meeting his childhood would brighten his world right? Wrong after meeting his best friend again he finds out his grandma was killed by the same beast. This causes poor Mi...

  • Forbidden Love- Poofless
    37.6K 1.8K 25

    "B-But, Rob, it is forbidden to leave here, and those were the rules given to a citizen. What would happen if you, the ruler of our domain, was to do such a thing-" Mat trembled before his kind-hearted leader, yearning for him to not leave. "I'd be stuck down there....forever," Rob gloomily hung his head in shame. It...

  • Elevator // Ministar123
    24.5K 1.2K 14

    "Wait, what's that noise?" "I think the elevator just broke." "Well great! I guess we're going to be here for awhile."

  • Merome: Wild Animals
    61.4K 3K 61

    I never thought I would see one....A real one....Up close...In person....And now? Now I'm friends with one...It wasn't always that way though.. We were once timid around each other....Scared of each other....Abused each other....Right now though? He's my Biggums....And always will be... Jerome will always be my bacca...

  • Behind The Scenes of: FNATP
    17.3K 1.1K 15

    Just a little book full of spoilers, fun facts, and scrapped plot ideas coming to you straight from the author ;u;

  • Fragments || Vikklan || 2
    670 49 3

    Vikk: the logical, sophisticated side of the relationship. Enjoys correcting people, however, it easily causes problems, as the other side of the couple often gets annoyed. With only one year of high school left until college, Vikk is having trouble balancing his studies, a search for college, and his boyfriend all at...

  • Are You Really The One For Me? (Poofless)
    11.9K 511 18

    ;:Dose True Love Really excised? Will Rob Ever Find the Right One? Probably Not:;