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  • Storm and Silence (FANFIC)
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    This fanfic is written by yours truly, with some plot parts made by Daisy! (@GreyDaisy). Support also given by Jennifer (@amuse-me), Cindy (@shadowhuntercindy), Kasey (@little_koko) and Sam (@cakesandstars)! ENJOY!!! cx First part takes place after chapter 94. Spin-off I guess you could say. Second part takes place...

  • Lost Treasure
    16.8K 615 11

    This is a full length fanfic story inspired by the fabulous Storm & Silence books by @RobThier - most of the characters remain the intellectual property of Rob Thier apart from a few that came from my own imagination. You really need to have read at least the first book of the series ('Storm & Silence') to fully under...

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    I read Sir Rob's and it was just amazing. I actually lived each and every character in the trilogy. THE ROBBER KNIGHT, AFTER SIEGE is a short story. the robber knight's secret ends when Lady Ayla says 'yes' to Sir Reuban's marriage proposal. I wanted to see how things went after that so I decided to visit luntburg

  • One Fateful Addiction To A Certain Stormy Series - Storm and Silence FanFiction
    58.5K 1.8K 20

    Storm and Silence there aren't enough words to describe how amazing the book is in general. They also can't stop getting better and better as the sequel In The Eye Of The Storm was amazing and the current Silence Is Golden is just so mind blowingly brilliant. I can't sing these books praises long enough. I'm also in...

  • The Diary of Rikkard Ambrose
    189K 8.3K 25

    The title gives the game away slightly. This story is dedicated to @RobThier, the wonderful creator of Mr Rikkard Ambrose and Miss Lillian Linton. Big up Ifrits everywhere.

  • Everything Lambrose
    49.5K 1.4K 5

    Wednesday where art thou!? If you have been reading the storm and silence saga(and have stumbled upon this fanfic ;) then you know the oh so torturous days leaving up to Wednesdays! Yes we all have been there and here's a book to sate your lambrose cravings! This is a book of one shots, theories, fanfics, imagines aa...

  • Impact (Storm and Silence Series Fanfiction) (One Shots)
    8.9K 328 12

    In a nutshell, Lillian Linton is a feminist and Rikkard Ambrose is a stingy tycoon. (The image used for the story cover is not mine.)

  • Tales of the Fiery Ifrit and the Iceberg (Storm and Silence One-Shots)
    15K 515 6

    Dear Reader, Hello and thanks for stopping by! I know you're probably here because you're waiting for that special update day, which I am too. So, you most likely went wandering the world of Wattpad, searching for something interesting to read, but nothing seemed to hold your interest like Storm and Silence. I know...

  • Monotonous Lies
    11.3K 390 4

    adj. Monotonous: dull, tedious, and repetitious; lacking in variety and interest. verb. Lie: an intentionally false statement. A tedious lie. Good intentions. After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution. She is the storm. I am the shipwreck. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

  • Storm and Silence Fanfiction - The Moonless Night
    30.8K 896 6

    In the dark of night, a figure slipped through the door to Mr. Ambrose's office. That figure, was me - Lilly Linton. ____________________________________________________________________ This is a fanfiction dedicated to @RobThier for his excellent novel: Storm and Silence. I hope you enjoy my narration of Lilly Linton...

  • The Robber Knight's Protege
    149K 12.7K 51

    **This is fan fiction for Rob Thier's Robber Knight series** It has been twelve years since the Margrave von Falkenstein's armies threatened to destroy Luntberg. Back then, Fye was a little girl who could only stand in awe of the battle prowess of the great Sir Reuben (and occasionally jab her enemies with a stick). N...

  • Storm and Silence Fanfictions: A Collection
    49.8K 654 40

    This is simply a collection of all the Storm and Silence, In the Eye of the Storm, and Silence is Golden fanfictions that I have come across. **Cover is not mine- if you know who's it is, let me know so I can give them credit :D

  • History, Jealousy, and Games [ ON HOLD ]
    77.9K 126 3

    [ I'M STILL EDITING AND REWRITING. ALL CHAPTERS HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN ] Rikkard Ambrose did not expect Lillian Linton to turn to his family once he disappears. And now that Rikkard's back, it's high time that he fix the mistake she made... and deal with Johann, his oh-so-beloved cousin. And now, Johann is creeping into...

  • Silent Siren
    125K 4.9K 20

    Lillian Linton. She is cunning and wild and seemingly blind to her charm. But what happens when the strings of hearts she pulls around tangle? Chaos ensues. ~~~ FanFiction of Robert Thier's Storm and Silence series. Great series with a lot of fun adventures! Go check it out if you already haven't (but why would you be...

  • Her Storm and Silence (S&S Series One Shots)
    211K 5.3K 10

    This will be a collect of one shots about the Storm and Silence Series by Rob Thier! I assume you're here on a non-wednesday day and I am here to provide you with some fan-made content to try and fill up the small hole of emptiness that all S&S readers face while patiently waiting for Sir Rob's glorious updates. I wil...

  • Glimpses of the Sun
    35.4K 1.1K 3

    These are one shots of my favorite couple - Mr. Ambrose and Lilian Linton. Both of them belong to lovely and magnificent Robert Thier.

  • Where The Sun Doesn't Shine (A Storm and Silence fanfiction)
    52.2K 1.4K 7

    A collection of one-shots for Robert Thier's amazing books, the Storm and Silence trilogy/series (let's hope he'll make it a series) DISCLAIMER : I do not own the characters, their personalities and some of the places which will be mentioned. All of them belongs to the awesome author Sir Robert Thier of Baden-Württem...

  • IFRIT'S TALES - a storm & silence series fanfictions
    18.8K 702 4

    Hello my dear Ifrits, I don't own this series, they belong to The handsome Sir Robert Thier. This is just fanfictions and drabbles made by me :) hope you like it. I speak Spanish so if there are some grammatical errors, please forgive me. kisses Mayte :)

  • mr ambrose and lilly linton
    51.3K 1.7K 10

    all characters are the amazing Rob Thiers, from 'Storm and Silence'! but these are just some short stories/one shots of storm and silence from my imagination!!! At the moment, our dear little Ambrose may find himself a tad bit drunk....! Read on if you want to find out more!! N. 1 in #eye of the storm N. 1 in #linton

  • Storm And Silence Discovering the power of the internet!
    41.1K 1.2K 11

    HEEEEEEEEEELLLOOOOOO MY FELLOW IFRITS! There is only ONE reason you're here and that reason is probably because our wonderful Sir Rob hasn't updated 'In the eye of the Storm' and you're bored out of your mind! Lol, well, that's the reason I decided to write this book anyway! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hope you enjoy thi...

  • Calm Before The Storm
    7.6K 318 1

    "Knowledge is power is time is money" // Fifteen-year-old Rikkard Ambrose knew better than to play. He didn't waste time at all. For him it was work and work till he drops to his own exhaustion. But this is one night he won't be forgetting. // Storm and Silence one-shot. (All characters belong to @RobThier )

  • Lambrose?
    93.8K 2.9K 10

    ★★★Storm and Silence Fanfiction★★★ This is a collection of one-shots, short stories, and much more containing tons of Lambrose action, as the title says!! Viewer discretion advised. ( ̄ω ̄) ***This book will contain spoilers!*** P.S. Knowledge is power is time is money so get reading!! DISCLAIMER! The characters and t...

  • Powerless (A Storm and Silence fanfiction)
    91.7K 3.4K 18

    *Fanfiction of Lilly and Ambrose* Knowledge is power is time is money. He has the knowledge. He has time. He has the money. And he has the power, but it is not the case now. Not this time. Lord Dalgliesh has the upper hand this time. He has Lilly Linton. Will the cold, emotionless Mr.Rikkard Ambrose save Lilly ? Can...

  • Storm and Silence Daydreams
    73.4K 2.5K 11

    This is a collection of one shots of what could have happened in this universe sir rob created. This is my imagination playing around with the S&S universe, these are my daydreams of what could or could have happened. Disclaimer: I do not own Storm and Silence, its plot or it's characters. They belong to the incredib...

  • Storms and Everlasting Silence
    201K 7.5K 44

    I love love love the Storm and Silence Series by Sir Rob Thier! This is a Fanfic!! Based on Storm and Silence, In the Eye of The Storm and Silence is Golden! These stories contain One-shots, Short Stories, AU's and Crossovers! Lambrose feels ahead!!

  • Don't Judge a book by It's Cover ( A Storm and Silence Fanfic )
    7.9K 167 1

    Summary: What is a book? It is a means to relieve one from boredom. What does it do? It keeps your mind off of harsh reality for a while. But this is Ms. Lillian Linton we're talking about who can probably move mountains to establish women's rights and then end up being stuck right under it. Where she goes, troub...

  • Out-dated
    22.8K 686 3

    FANFIC BASED ON 'STORM AND SILENCE' by the awesome Rob Thier. Lilly Linton has been arriving late to work and often asks to leave early. Mr Ambrose wants to get to the bottom of this and, after some investigating, he finds out Lilly has been seeing...a man! What will Mr Ambrose do when he finds out and will he confro...

  • Silence
    129K 3.9K 31

    A collection of short stories dedicated to Sir Rob Thier's series: Storm and Silence.

  • Storm's Silence
    141K 823 53

    Highest rank: #46 in Fan fiction. When she came in my life, I had realised that I was still young, my own self felt so boring and dull in front of her bright and bubbly spirit. Whatever I found annoying in others, I found myself loving the same in her. She was so different, even from me, yet it felt so perfect. She wa...

  • The Brewing Storm
    10.9K 493 7

    In this modern take of the acclaimed series by Rob Thier, Lily and Rikkard's adventure takes place in a quaint mountain town that hides its own secrets. It is the same characters everyone loves, but in new and exciting ways.