Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure

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Janine Pingree By PurpleJP Updated Sep 20, 2018

This is a full length fanfic story inspired by the fabulous Storm & Silence books by @RobThier - most of the characters remain the intellectual property of Rob Thier apart from a few that came from my own imagination. You really need to have read at least the first book of the series ('Storm & Silence') to fully understand the background to this story... and if you haven't read it, WHY NOT?!

Rikkard Ambrose, granite faced miser and richest man in the British Empire, has fallen for the woman he makes dress as a man called Victor so she can be employed as his personal secretary every day. She is Miss Lillian Linton, a fiery feminist who craves freedom, independence and female equality, but also finds herself attracted to adventure and the human iceberg that pays her wages. 

To complicate matters, Ambrose's nemesis and business rival Lord Daniel Eugene Dalgliesh has threatened to harm any woman that he ever forms an attachment to ... and he's getting very suspicious about the relationship between Ambrose, his secretary Mr Victor Linton and the secretary's 'twin sister' Lillian.

Then Ambrose discovers that Dalgliesh is hunting for a long lost treasure that many believe to be a myth. But Ambrose knows that it is no myth and is utterly priceless, so decides that he has to beat his rival to the prize - especially as it seems that the treasure may not be as far away as everyone suspects. Along the way new friendships will be formed, fears will be faced, lives will be lost and nerves will be tested.

Will Ambrose beat his arch enemy to the treasure and can he keep the one that he's already found (Lilly) safe and alive? Will Dalgliesh discover the truth about our two favourite Victorian adventurers? Who is the new man in Lilly's life and who is the seemingly friendly little old lady that keeps popping up everywhere?