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  • Demigods Texting
    711K 28.2K 202

    Leo has been at it again, this time, he's created monster-proof phones for everyone. How will the demigods fare with this new power? Will their relationships survive? Read to find out! Highest Ranking- #16 in Fanfiction- 3/19/17 Started: April 2016 Finished: April 2017

  • 18 Dates //Destiel High School AU//
    2.1M 101K 50

    Dean Winchester takes Castiel Novak on 18 dates. One for every year that Dean hasn't known him.

  • Designed in the Dark (Castiel x Reader)
    272 10 1

    Tattoos were not allowed in the Heaven-Society .101, all picture perfect. The impeccable living environment for all human life, the most safest and flawless. Castiel had awoken one morning, has a unfamiliar written phrase inked into his forearm, elegant curvy writing neatly written out, “With stars aligned in her iris...

  • The Life and Lies of Mil Winchester - Book 1
    615K 8.4K 125

    This is the story of Millicent or Mil Winchester, the younger sister of the famed hunters; Sam and Dean. This follows her story with her brothers on their many hunting expedition. Starts ep 1:01 Pilot and will continue indefinitely

  • Black Butler/Supernatural Reader Insert
    1.6K 72 5

    Just a fair warning, this is my first reader insert so if it sucks you'll know why XD It's also 3:55 AM as I type this so blame typos on that XD Alright so basically you, (y/n), live in a normal world in (hometown), and you just happen to like the two fandoms, Supernatural, and Black Butler. What happens when these tw...

  • It's Our Destiny - A Supernatural Reader-Insert
    33.8K 1.1K 22

    You were a normal girl... okay so maybe not so normal, but you tried your hardest. After your parents were brutally murdered in the dead of night you took the first chance that you had to up and move to America with your older sister. You were beginning to get your life back on track, heck your sister was just around...

  • ☄ Numinous ☄An OUAT Peter Pan / Supernatural Reader Insert (HIATUS)
    10.4K 300 8

    An island in which the inhabitants never age. An island without a king, but not without a ruler. A devious boy, who's cynical eyes and taunting smirk drew you into the depths of the dark fantasy land. A frustrating gentlemanly pirate captain, who can't decide whether to play the role of friend or foe. An old friend...