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  • TMNT Little Sister
    3.7K 110 4

    When Master Splinter was still human. He brought 5 baby turtles instead of 4. Then he got mutated into a giant rat. The 5 little turtles turn into mutants to and started to grow fast but one had white hair growing and it was mostly human but still had green skin. That when Master Splinter realize that they weren't all...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles One-Shots *Requests on Hold*
    7.2K 188 14

    1. Tell me which turtle you want and if you want it to be with an OC or just a Turtle x Reader 2. OC/Reader personality 3. If you have a plot, tell me and I'll write it as long as it's appropriate, so NO lemon. 4. It can be any type of One-Shot like a song One shot where the plot is song driven or just the normal One...

  • Life with Turtles (TMNT x Reader )
    2.6K 102 1

    This is about a stormy night of you watching your favorite show, TMNT. That was when your computer died and all of them were sitting on your bed shrunken sized! I will put which turtle your coupled with in the 2nd chapter. There may be lemon in later chapters...

  • TurtleLove (The brand new)
    52 3 1

    Four sisters in different locations in New York City. Lorezel Irah Allyne, Daniella, Mickhaela, and Rhianna. Different part roles, one mission, save the city from all the mutants and allies of Shredder. Its the same as the turtles to save the city. Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello. Trained by a formal t...

  • Tmnt girls
    10.6K 295 38

    Hey ma mutant buds you get to help me with this story you get to star as a female mutant turtle but no one takes my Ralph !!!! You get to chose your boys Leo mikey and Donnie

  • Hope to Die [TMNT 2012 Oneshot]
    9.1K 368 1

    "R-Raph...promise you'll fight no matter what?" "I promise, little brother." "Cross your heart?" "Cross my heart...and hope to die." ((COMPLETED))

  • All This Time
    103 4 1

    This is my version of how SAINW would happen in the 2012 universe. SAINW, for those who don't know, took place in the 2003 turtles and it's where Donatello was sent 30 years into the future, finds his now older brothers, and if you really want to know what happened go watch it, then come back here.

  • Raph's Girl (a teenage muntant ninja story) (version idea #1)
    93K 3.3K 22

    What happens when the people you love the most and thought you could trust betray you? Tessa was banished from her home by her own brother, while her other two brothers said and did nothing. Now in New York City she's starting over and here to stay. One night, she is attacked by mutants and comes face to face with a...

  • The New Beginning
    282 12 1

    It's Valentine's day and two turtles are about to get married Mikey and Clover Raph and Mona Leo and Nari Donnie and Venus Which one will it be read to find out.

  • Kitty Cat
    4.6K 399 11

    Catalina, a cool headed and rugged cat mutant from the streets of NYC, meets four famed ninja turtles while on a nightly stroll over the rooftops. Although seeming like a fast friend at first, there is definitely much more to her than meets the eye. Will Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey be able to figure her out. And if t...

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Daughter Scenario (TMNT Daughter Scenario)
    10K 410 34

    Hello everyone this is not a Tmnt boyfriend scenarios this is a Tmnt Daughter scenario so enjoy

  • The Younger Turtle
    5.2K 205 28

    You have all heard of the TMNT, but what you don't know, is that they have a little sister: Ember. Ember from a young age new she was different from her brothers , because she has something they don't. Ember has powers. When Ember's world gets turned upside down and everyone she loves is in danger, Ember must learn t...

  • the mutant kitty (tmnt fanfic)
    947 26 14

    we all know the story behind ice cream kitty but what if instead of ice cream, kitty was touched by April last? Will she adapt to her new life, adjust to being turned from full cat to half human? Find out why dontcha? ;)

  • TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios
    219K 6.3K 53

    Everyone has been writing these and thanks to MaryMaxell22 I decided to as well, this is my first fanfiction so please be nice. This will feature the 2014 turtles since I fell in love with the movie and I prefer this to the 2012 Nick cartoon. Since I'm doing A Levels I won't have a lot of time to upload, I only have s...

  • TMNT: Our Little sister
    905 33 6

    Step into the 2012 TMNT world as Venus De Milo. A very young mutated turtle who was wronged by the Kraang. Learn about your family, your Kraang given powers and how to use those kraang given powers! (P.S. VERY SLOW UPDATES)

  • TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios
    585K 14.8K 81

    Have the life of your dreams with your sole mate! Make sure to check out my other book, TMNT FanFic: My Savior

  • Daddy's Little Ninja ((Tmnt Daughter scenarios))
    316K 9.1K 53

    Just thought I'd try it out. If you guys like it I'll continue to write it. P.s. sorry for any and all mistakes!

  • My Paw Prints (tmnt fanfic)
    26.2K 1.1K 21

    "I don't really know what type I am, or really where I belong, heck all I know is to survive. I have many names most of which aren't very kind ones, but who cares about names anyways when your hungry! I do what I want when I want and nothing living is going to tell me otherwise; I am a Omega . . .and my own Alpha!"...

  • TMNT One-Shots!! Requests Open! (UNDER EDITING)
    5.2K 51 27

    I saw a lot of these and I just wanted to try it out!

  • turtle tot stories | tmnt 2012
    67.3K 2.1K 23

    [EDIT 8/2/2020: This story is no longer being continued. It's also very old and not a reflection of my current work! Feel free to read if you'd like, though!] Ever wonder what it was like when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were young? Ever wonder how Raph got that lightning-shaped chip in his plastron, why Leo is o...

  • Broken (a TMNT fanfic) MAJOR EDITING
    17K 789 25

    Previously known as "The Best Within" --------------------------------------- "No! Stay back! I'll hurt you!" He kept on walking forward, each step bringing him closer to me, to the monster. "I know you'll never hurt me." His voice was quiet, soothing almost. Before I could object, he caught me in his arms crashing...

  • LAVINE (TMNT fanfic) *On Hold*
    1.1K 68 18

    April O'neil and Casey Jones are not the only ones who know about the turtles. Her sister Lavine who is 2 years older also meets the turtles. Once she discovers the turtles existence she unlocks all sorts of secrets about herself what will happen when she unlocks these discoveries? What would Shredder do if he found...

  • I Knew You Were Trouble {TMNT Raph Love Story}
    68.8K 1.7K 17

    People say anybody can love whoever they want to love. The heart wants what the heart wants, right? Well, what happens when Raphael, the tough guy of the teenage mutant ninja turtles ends up falling for 15-year-old Raelin Brown? She was the popular girl around school and had an attitude on her. Raph has been secretly...

  • TMNT Daughter Scenarios
    543K 14K 153

    Yes people!! Title says it all!! My first scenarios book!! This is not a one-shot though. It will follow a story line. Please read and enjoy!! [#wattys2016]

    21.7K 833 37

    So, I've seen a few of these and think it would be super cute to make one myself. Hope you enjoy! Right now the order will be When he finds you When you meet the family When you take a bath When you get your own bed Etc... All for now! -yugioh_fangirl

  • Someday TMNT Raph x Reader
    69K 1.5K 13

    (y/n) Jones. She's a not so average New Yorker but her life become even more not so average when as he meets the turtles. She falls but he falls even harder. What will the others think? Will they make it to the end or will somebody come between them? I'm not gonna just tell you that'd ruin the story! You just have to...

  • TMNT Father Scenarios
    100K 3K 40

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a teenage mutant ninja turtle as a dad? Well here you go.

  • Jones' Little Sister (A TMNT fanfiction)
    86K 2.2K 38

    Casey Jones has a little sister! They suffer a tragedy that no children should have to go through. They move in with their Aunt Mable and Uncle Charles. As teenagers, they make four unusual friends, but they become family. There is also a hint of love here and there!

  • We'll kick shell together (TMNT Raph Fanfiction)(Discontinued)
    2.1K 75 5

    DEDICATED TO Daughter_of_Hades Abbie walks down the street. She's had a horrible day and it's just getting worse. A few weeks later, something she never even dreamed would happen occurs. She meets four mutants. These mutants also happen to be turtles and they are trained in Ninjitsu. Are these guys just one more horri...

  • Teenage Mutant ninja turtles Scenarios 2014/2015/2016
    513K 10.5K 189

    tmnt scenarios just for you :) enjoy!