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  • Thor's Badass Daughter
    3.4K 96 7

    Angelique Foster is the most feared Girl in the U.S and In the U.K . She wasnt like this before . She turned like this after she found out the biggest secret her mom had kept away from her all her life . 1 )her dad is alive , and her mom told her all her life that he was dead and 2) She has finally discovered some...

  • All I Am Is A Monster
    81.2K 2.4K 29

    All I wanted was one chance. One chance at regaining happiness. One chance as regaining my life. One chance at freedom. What was so hard about that? The fact an immature god couldn't resolve his dads issues so he had to coke to my home and attempt to rule it?

  • Just Trust Me (A Winter Soldier/OC FanFic)
    12K 244 9

    Sienna is now twenty five and has experienced everything in the books. Including the HYDRA take over of SHIELD. She was expecting to be done with her field work and only stick to strict missions. But Fury insists that Sienna takes care of a man from the past. James "Bucky" Barnes decided he didn't want to be the Wint...

  • Time and Mischief (Loki Fanfiction)
    2.8K 140 9

    Gray Lewis didn't expect to suddenly be able to manipulate time, and of course she didn't expect to be kidnapped shortly after. There are six Infinity Stones- Mind, Reality, Space, Soul, Power, and Time. To six mortals all around the world, the stones embedded themselves inside, hiding and giving the host an unimagina...

  • Budapest » [Clintasha]
    353K 20K 68

    ~ W A T T P A D F E A T U R E D ~ A Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton origin story. ❝My name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova and I work for the KGB. But my life is something of a lie. I work for no one. I work for myself. And I always work alone. I have a very specific skill set. I have charm. I have wit. I have sex...

  • Who Am I? » [Stucky]
    1.5M 56.8K 195

    Set after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Bucky is lost, without a purpose and brainwashed within an inch of his life. S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra have both fallen and without anyone to stop him, Bucky intends to find out who he is - or who he was - before Hydra took away every last inch of him. Steve is left recoveri...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Disorder (Book 1)
    10K 612 31

    Have you ever had a Dream that felt so real that waking up is altogether disorienting? Aubrey had too, but this time it was different. This time, she didn't just pull herself out of the Dream world, but also the ultimate Trickster, a man with a dangerous plan to split apart Aubrey's family, while also triggering her s...

  • Nutella
    2.9K 111 1

    Prompt: Tony introduces Loki to Nutella. {Avengers Oneshot, Implied FrostIron} NOTE: I do not own the Avengers

  • Avengers II: The Human Shield (A Thor/Avengers Fanfiction)
    116K 2.4K 15

    A week after the Battle of New York, Thor returns with Loki. What will his innocence mean for the Avengers? For the world? Agent Mason is a behind-the-scenes S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, with secrets and abilities that would rather stay hidden. With Thanos and the Other on the rise, will our heroes be able to save the Eart...

  • The Avengers Chat Room Adventures
    131K 3.7K 36

    Avengers are put in a chat room with special guest Loki, I mean what exactly can go wrong? *I do not own the avengers or the cover

  • "I hate that I love you, Loki Laufeyson."
    2.2K 55 1

    Grieving over her father's death, Scarlett is desperately searching for someone to love and for someone to love her. Is she crazy enough to fall in love with her father's murderer?

  • Ariella Stark (I would advise against you reading this - it is terrible)
    3K 67 4

    Tony Stark and Pepper Pots decide to adopt a child, an evil force rises and the Avengers must once again protect the earth, is Ariella entirely human or is she hiding a secret.......

  • Always And Forever (Avengers Fanfic)
    571 15 5

    ("Soon very very soon they will all be mine and mine alone, They will not know what hit them till it's to late.") Anna has just finished school and it is the summer before she goes off to college, but will she be able to get to college what with new people coming into her life, falling in love, and an enemy threating...

  • Glorious Purpose
    1K 29 1

    Loki, the quiet, shy brother of the Mighty Thor, super villain who tried to break Earth? What made him do it? A short story to summerise their childhood, and why Loki took out his anger on Earth.

  • The Darkest Shade of Green
    1.3K 37 1

    After Loki was defeated he was taken back to Asgard to be punished. Thor did not know he was punishing him in the worst way possible. He didn't know Loki had left his heart in Midgard. A short story about the girl that Loki could fall in love with, and the girl that could love him back.

  • Midnight Moonlight
    777 23 1

    Everything around him is new and unknown to him. Steve goes for a walk in the park late at night to clear his head. It would appear his enemy was doing the exact same thing.

  • Streams of Chaos {Loki}
    1.2K 32 2

    The path for truth and the path for vengeance are similar paths. Both lead to pain. Full of secrets, Ali Mathews finds the near dead Loki. She knows she should hate him...but she can't. Loki/OC

  • Tony Stark's Only Child
    17.5K 253 17

    Alexandra Katherine Stark is the only daughter of the famous Ironman and Pepper Potts. She is kidnapped and tested with animal DNA. She and her cellmate escaped but tragedy strikes. Alex becomes a mute with slowly developing powers and now Fury wants her to find the person that killed her 1st love but first, she has t...

  • Thievery, Murder and Mischeif (Avengers Fan Fiction)
    4K 78 10

    Anaki's a killer. When she was seventeen she died, and thought dead she takes to a life of crime. Known only as the mysterious Dragoness, Anaki soon forgets her name, past and even heart. Blessed with the uncanny talents of a lizard and her unique affinity with fire, she takes on the task of a jealous warlord: kill Lo...

  • Trapped: The Avengers FanFiction
    13.4K 176 11

    Loki is back, and this time he's taking them out, one by one. The Avengers, that is. Divide and Conquer, as they say. I do not own any part of The Avengers, I just own my imagination :)

  • Romance and Mischief
    161K 2.7K 27

    BOOK ONE. Two people. Different worlds. A god and a mortal. Loki was banished off here in Earth, for the war he started (Avengers). As he lurks into the unfamiliar places of Earth's realm, he accidentally bumps into a woman who's got plans to wreck him slowly. Based off Marvel films/comics. I do not own the character...

  • Broken Inside
    295 10 1

    SPOILERS!!!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN THOR AND ARE PLANNING ON WATCHING IT! Otherwise go right ahead. :) Loki's thoughts and reflections when he was holding onto the staff, before falling into the Bifrost.

  • The Taste Of Metal
    1.2K 86 1

    He hates the taste. It is cold and hurtful. Everytime he tries to pull it off, it just gets tighter and tighter around his mouth. He wants to hurl. He wants to scream, to hear his voice one last time. Avengers fanfiction one-shot thingy about Loki.

  • Behind Enemy Lines (Avengers fanfic)(Slowly Editing)
    8.4K 116 12

    Araceli is best friends with Thor and Loki. She grows up knowing them her whole life. Things start to change when Loki has plans for Araceli. He gives Araceli a mission that includes The Avengers. Will Araceli complete her mission? Or get distracted along the way? Read to find out.

  • The 7th Avenger. Loki fanfic~
    591K 15.7K 30

    Alice is recruited to New York City after Loki and his army are too much for the six avengers to handle. Normally they wouldn't ask a girl like her, but because she was caught in a chemically created fire years ago, she can create fire through her breath and the palms of her hands. She gladly leaves North Carolina and...

  • The New End (Loki/Avengers Fan Fic)
    42.2K 627 19

    What would happen if Loki won? If the avengers had lost? If Iron man didn't stop the nuclear missile in time? Was it Loki's falt? Or is there a bigger picture that no one can see? June has always been different. Does she hold the answers to the mystery of the world's end and how to stop Thanos?

  • The God of Mischief | Loki fan-fiction
    117K 3.1K 44

    "Pain is only temporary, do not let it consume you, let it go and you shall have peace." As an Asgardian, Liara grew up next to the two sons of the All Father, Thor and Loki. As the galaxy seems to be falling into turmoil and an arranged marriage on the horizon, Liara must learn to harness her control of fire whilst c...

  • Smoke and Mirrors (On Hold)
    12.7K 236 16

    Meet Ginger, she just moved into a quiet little town, just looking for a quiet life right? Yeah not so much. She can control the Vairina, the anti Tesseract, twice as powerful and exponentially more dangerous, so not only does every two-bit criminal want here, so does SHEILD and a certain God who's a few notches below...