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  • New Life Online: Our Side Of The Story
    1K 78 15

    Oyer Starleigh An 18 year old teenager, Female, currently confined in the hospital. Hopeless and dying. But every negativity changed when she saw that fight with the frozen king in television. Oyer had hoped when she saw the woman who defeated the frozen king. The woman was struggling on the fight but she didnt lose h...

  • Brigmos Come Look at These Stars with Me
    175 8 5

    When you lose what you thought was your future, how do you find a new way? When starting a new life who do you trust? Dae loses his best friend and the person he wanted to love for the rest of his life . Her final gift A game made by her parents A bitter sweet gift .. who doesn't want an escape when deeply wounded...

  • Book Of Poems
    2.9K 375 27

    Representation of myself when I first started writing in 2017 until 2019...

  • Another World Fantasy Online: The 10 Generals
    26 0 9

    2 years since the game was released, and it became one of the most popular VRMMORPG. Azaren Reizen had enough of always being pestered about playing AWFO by his sister and bestfriend, so he finally played it. He meets new friends, and all together they journey and explores. Join Azaren "Elias" Reizen and his new...

  • New Life Online Fanfiction: Gun Meets Sword
    2.1K 105 28

    Hello. This is a fan fiction of the other story on wattpad made by Scythus, called New Life Online. This is a fan fiction and not helped in any way by scythe himself. All credit for the book idea itself goes to Scythus, and you should probably read his books first so you understand the book better. Just saying.

  • New Life Online: Golden Libra
    2.5K 171 21

    a spin off in the story of new life online by Scythus.

  • New Life Online: Darkness Rises| #wattys2016
    4.1K 193 15

    This is a scythus approved story. When Ashley joins New Life Online after winning a contest to be one of the first 100 players after the 13 gods are chosen a new evil arises someone who calls him self the dark lord has challenged the players of New Life Online and if he wins he will rule the game and all the players b...

  • Wanderlust
    452 26 12

    Riley Anderson has had the worst luck with love. She trusts to easily and gives her heart away way to fast. Riley is tired of the pain and heartbreak she gets every time she let's her heart go on a false journey to love and is doubting if love even exists but then she meets Jace Harper. Jace Harper is a guy who believ...

  • New Life Online: Rise of a new Empire
    8.8K 521 38

    This is a scythus approved story. If you like NLO, you'll really like the story! So go ahead! Read it! Now, it's time for the actual description... In this world, there is only war. But war never changes. The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. H...

  • New Life Online Acolytes
    6.9K 278 17

    Yes this is a Scythus approved story. And isn't it better to read the story than the description? ^^

  • New Life Online: Blood Fang (COMPLETED)
    16.3K 701 69

    This is a side story from New Life Online Books of @scythus. Before someone asks if I have permission to do this, I shall say that scythus said that I could do it if I wanted. Anyway this story talks about Blood Fang Beat, an experienced player who is an assasin that hates injustice and Order of Light (one of best gui...