New Life Online: Our Side Of The Story

New Life Online: Our Side Of The Story

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Asesino Insano By Insano_Mierda Updated Apr 15, 2018

Oyer Starleigh

An 18 year old teenager, Female, currently confined in the hospital. Hopeless and dying. But every negativity changed when she saw that fight with the frozen king in television. Oyer had hoped when she saw the woman who defeated the frozen king. The woman was struggling on the fight but she didnt lose hope and still fought. Oyer got inspired and had hoped. Oyer immediately bought the console to find the woman she idolized and escape her reality.

Would Oyer find the woman who defeated the Frozen King despite not knowing anything about the game? Will she be able to find a new beginning and escape? Find out as she meets a lot of struggles and obstacles together with her friends. 

Join Oyer and the side characters of New Life Online. Its their time to shine! 

This is a New Life Online FANFICTION! Its approved by the Original Author of new life online @scythus!

Some of the characters are not mine, they belong to their respectful owners.

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