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  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.1M 186K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • The Elphen Volleys
    7.7K 987 41

    ♧The Tales of the Realm♧ ■□Book One□■ Alessandra has everything she could ever ask for. A job. Bread and jam. A sweet old cottage. And an over-protective little brother. Yet, life really likes to turn the tables. Falling in love with humanity's greatest enemy wasn't such an impressive idea. Her life is in disa...

  • My Fair Lady
    3M 40.9K 47

    Juliet Rosewood has never been one of the attractive young ladies whom gentlemen favour just liker her sister, Titania. Resigned to a life of being left of the shelf, she is ardently surprised when she catches the fancy of a handsome earl, Edmund Aughust at a masquerade ball. However, as she prepares to accept his han...

  • The Fairytale Keeper
    2.6K 71 10

    Anonymous, nameless, Adelaide Schumacher should have been lost to history. Medieval girls don’t make legends. If they’re lucky to live long enough, they make babies. But Adelaide’s life is anything but average. How else could the daughter of a shoemaker and a storyteller end up immortalized as the real Snow White? Th...

  • The Accidental Duchess
    2.3M 84.5K 24

    When the arrogant stranger Bess is forced to marry unexpectedly becomes a duke, she'll find herself at odds with her growing feelings as he hunts for a killer. ***** Sharp-tongued Elizabeth 'Bess' Jones is perfectly content living on her lonesome in...

  • Swashbuckling in the Dark
    326K 14.5K 40

    A privileged runaway. A notorious pirate. A vengeful lawman. A bloodthirsty killer. A young woman turns to a life of piracy to escape a life of privilege, unwittingly reuniting with the childhood friend who abandoned her. Determined to forge a new life for herself, she denies the old feelings that his return have st...

  • Ravensdale (Ongoing)
    800K 8K 35

    In 2012, Dora Harding finds and purchases a desk in her best friend's New York antique shop. Later that evening, she discovers an old letter in one of the cabinets. She doesn't expect to find something like it, nor does she expect to see that the letter is addressed to her. It is from 1912. Beautiful cover by @Pennywi...

  • Eternal Flame ~ A Pemberley Fairy Tale
    258K 14.1K 46

    The house known as Pemberley stands in an isolated valley on the edge of the High Peak, as intriguing and inaccessible as Sleeping Beauty's briar-shrouded castle. To historian Liz Pargeter it's a mystery to be solved. How can a stately home of such importance have sunk into obscurity? What happened to the former owne...

  • Carols & Courtship
    240K 10.6K 14

    When Christmas comes to the sleepy town of Hillbury, so does a love letter for Holly Ambrose - a love letter from a secret admirer. Amidst the yuletide balls and Christmas cheer of Victorian England, Holly vows to uncover the source of the letter, but will the self-avowed intellectual fall in love in the process? This...

  • A Most Mysterious Gentleman (#1 Sweet Nineteenth Series) VERY SLOW UPDATES
    629K 31.6K 47

    When Rosalie, daughter and heiress to the Duke of Trent, gets caught in a situation that leaves her with no options except to marry a rather dashing man she's only met once before, she thinks her heart is broken. The man in question has also a rather shady past. Woe betide, the mysterious man goes missing a...

  • Hot Chocolate
    83.4K 4K 9

    Uriah Walter never expected to see his ex-girlfriend, Louise Santiago, again after their nasty break-up three years ago. But he also never expected her to work for him in his business firm as an intern. The best part? She doesn't remember him. At all.

  • When the Bough Breaks
    554 19 5

    One horrible night changed everything for Lady Sophia Iverson and Dante Warren, forcing Sophia to wed the Duke of Griffin and prompting Dante to flee from England. But when a horrible tragedy claims the life of her infant daughter, the lovers are brought back together. Two years has changed so much for both of them, b...

  • Ella Was
    37.2K 3.2K 1

    Ella was beautiful. Ella was fast. Ella was gone. Ella was never coming back.

  • Cracking the Wattpad Code: Insider Secrets the Pros don't want you to know!
    673K 32.8K 26

    Warning: This book WILL make you successful on Wattpad! Are you an unknown author wanting to gain success on Wattpad? Tried everything and you're still unnoticed? Hi, I'm Mike Limjoco and I've done it all on Wattpad. I have hit a million reads on two of my books, and I've made it to the first page of the Hot List in f...

  • A Need to Write
    47K 3.4K 34

    A collection of writing tips, some of which I have discovered myself, or others that I have learned from Agents, Published Authors, Writers, Editors, and Publishers. Feel free to comment your writing questions! I'd love to do my best to answer them. Highest Ranking: #3 in Non-Fiction Cover by @crazyfrsims

  • Pharaoh's Heart is Mine
    1.6M 48.4K 19

    "Pharoah's love is unpredictable; Pharaoh's love can change in the blink of an eye, The flash of a fox's tail. One moment you are his greatest treasure, The next you become a mere speck of dust - Pharaoh's love comes and goes like each beat of a butterfly's wing... With Pharaoh's love you are the only woman in Egypt...

  • The Girl Underground
    667K 24.1K 37

    ***The Girl Underground, Book 1 *** "Loving him was a mistake, I knew that. It was the most beautifully evil thing I have ever done." In the case of forbidden love in the English countryside, the shrewd and powerful Magistrate, John Quincy, found one that would change his life forever. Spellbound by the young and bea...

  • Moving Stories
    131K 4.4K 80

    More than 60 million people are currently fleeing conflict or persecution around the world. Due to their race, religion or nationality, these people's homes are no longer safe places to live and their governments no longer provide them with protection. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works arou...