My Fair Lady

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beautifulatsunrise By beautifulatsunrise Updated a year ago
Juliet Rosewood has never been one of the attractive young ladies whom gentlemen favour just liker her sister, Titania. Resigned to a life of being left of the shelf, she is ardently surprised when she catches the fancy of a handsome earl, Edmund Aughust at a masquerade ball. However, as she prepares to accept his hand for marriage after a brief courtship, someone unexpectedly attempts to sabotage her. Will the duo ever achieve happiness?
I don't know about you, but I thought  about Erza Scarlet when I read Titania. :)
Please where are you and when are you going to update this story
Even though it's the first chapter it's already got me excited to read more,, you're a great writer :-)
If their parents married because of love, why would their father take a mistress? o:
I'm so happy that you are back, we have missed this story!  The new Chapters are amazing(as usual) Vtd
I love your story, truly. hope you could upload more:) I miss reading this