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  • Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition IV
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    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Winter Edition IV! Round SEVEN of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of February 2018 and it's going to be epic! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, to talented up a...

  • Undefined - The Zephyr Book 1 ? (completed)(#Wattys2016)
    1.4M 85.8K 45

    WATTYS 2016 WINNER Untouchable. Stone. Jewel - these are some of the names used for people who are born with a gemstone at the centre of their forehead. This unfortunate phenomenon cannot be detected before birth, it cannot be prevented, if a family has a Jewelled child, there is only one outcome: Before they're sixte...

  • Captured
    18.8M 407K 57

    OPTIONED BY SONY TELEVISION PICTURES & KOMIXX ENTERTAINMENT 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Stories, and Selected by @TheReturned for the Best of Horror! Kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in the trunk of a car, Abriana Vega's date with Easton Pierce has taken a t...

  • Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III (August 2017)
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    Welcome to the Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition III! Round SIX of this popular event is coming your way the entire month of August 2017 and it's going to be epic! The invites have started to roll out and everyone from your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, to USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, to talented up an...

  • Rodrigo Zacara and the Mirror of Power
    24.5K 1.4K 18

    Rodrigo is used to his best friend, Oliver, getting him into trouble every once in a while but never had he imagined that one of his craziest ideas would take them to the Kingdom of Karinthia, a magical world where each person has a different power. Although Oliver loves adventure, he soon realises the danger they are...

  • Starships, Magic & Steam Book Club (ON HOLD UNTIL SUMMER 2017)
    2.2K 100 17

    Do you write or read gripping science fiction, fantasy that gives readers chills or steam punk that blows us out of the water? Then this is the Book Club for you! By limiting the book club to just one set of genres we can get and give more pointed feedback and attract help from readers and writers within our own genre...

  • Legacy of the Necromancer [Completed]
    309K 23K 42

    Powerless in a family of Necromancers, Ezra has struggled to fit in his whole life. Going off to a normal college life seemed like the perfect place to escape the harsh realities of home. But when the girl he's had a crush on since they were eight is forced into an arranged marriage with another, darker, Necromancer...

  • The Woven Crown (Completed)
    2.5K 385 37

    Ryla is being hunted for a murder she accidentally committed with a magic she didn't know she had. The stories Ryla's been told about those who possess dangerous magic, the Woven, and the brave rebellion that destroyed them, are all she's ever known. Magic is now illegal, and their beloved leader, the Prestige, hunts...

  • Human
    658K 44.2K 57

    After losing her brother in a terrible accident, the last thing Cadence James wants to do is move to a new town in the middle of her junior year of high school. Cadence hates everything about Swanford, Missouri. There is no nightlife, no beaches, and the people...Don't even get her started on the people. She didn't th...

  • :::On Hold::: The Affinity Between Our Stars
    2.5K 286 9

    A sassy android, a soldier with a scarred past, and a teenager who just wants to Breach peacefully. All in their own worlds. Literally *** Forty years after the world was infested by zeds, humanity had finally returned to the board. The Coalition has risen up from the ashes to recreate the mythical Valravn. Levin Cro...

  • The Medium
    1.4M 21.2K 20

    Seventeen year-old spirit medium Emily Chambers has a problem. Actually, she has several. As if seeing dead people isn't a big enough social disadvantage, she also has to contend with an escaped demon and a handsome ghost with a secret past. And then there's the question of her parentage. Being born an entire year aft...

  • The Shadowed Vale~ Book 1
    790K 47.3K 57

    Book 1 of The Vale Series... An ancient world, a dark brooding warrior king, a beautiful princess with a mysterious past... Killian struggles to be a better king than his father. He is feared by his enemies and loved by his subjects. He uncovers a secret which threatens not only his kingdom but the world as he knows i...

  • Magical World Academy
    4.3M 161K 102

    Her name is Sofia Isabel Gonzalo or "Pia" for short. Simple lang syang babae.Nasa simpleng mundo ng mortal world pero yun pala ay akala nya lamang. Hanggang sa mapadpad sya sa eskwelahan na hindi kapani-paniwala. Paano nya matatanggap na sya ay nabibilang dito? Isang Magical World Academy na kung saan hindi normal ang...

    Completed   Mature
  • News & Updates
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    Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more!

  • Freak of Nature
    574K 24.8K 31

    Donate Body to Science. Check. When seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn checked the box, she never suspected she’d have her life–and her body–stolen from her. She awakens one day in a secret laboratory to discover that her body is now half-robot and is forced to hide her own secret: that she still has human emotio...

  • Rebecca Moon and The Boy in the Bottle
    23.7K 1.2K 16

    Rebecca Moon just wants to play her video games, but with scary noises and odd flashes of light coming from her back yard, she is a little distracted. When her cat escapes to her backyard and she sees a group of monsters ready to kill a young boy stuck in a bottle, she is suddenly thrust into a world that she could ne...

  • The Stolen Papyrus--Sample chapter only!
    264K 239 8

    THE ARTIFACT GUARDIANS | BOOK ONE It's every archaeologist's dream to explore the hidden tombs of Egypt. Unfortunately for me, my dream turns into a nightmare when Xander Harrison, a childhood friend who betrayed me, joins my team. I came to Egypt to study the ancient past, not to be confronted with my own. Besides X...

  • HUMBOLDT - Barkermouth & Bloomdell (Complete)
    25.6K 2K 55

    Captain Humboldt Granger is running out of time! Across the deserts of Egypt and through the streets of Victorian England, he is running from ancient tombs to the hangman's noose. All to get back into the arms of the love of his life, Jessica. Henry had always hated him and would stop at nothing to steel Jessica's he...

  • Larkspur Mittel: The Lark & Owl Trilogy
    7.3K 781 35

    **A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY!** The last thing on Hero's mind are the Peat Wars. They happened ages ago, long before she was born. For now, she is just trying to stay out of trouble and to avoid Croo Mickel and his moll boys. They taunt and bully Hero and her friends who live under the watchful eye of Boer Mam in Woba...

  • Call of the Waylanders
    835 182 59

    FIVE LANDS TRILOGY: BOOK TWO It's been one year after the destruction of Lion's friends and the flat-out burglary of the mythical Draenix core. Lion has assembled a team from each of the Five Lands except for the Deadlands, which has been consumed by Infernas, the Molten Emperor. Raq Shinn of the Waylands stands in th...

  • Nikolas and Company Book #2: When Boats Breathe and Cities Speak
    10.1K 1.4K 35

    *****POSTED BI-WEEKLY***** In this next installment of Nikolas and Company, Nick and friends find themselves on a journey to Moon and the great city of Huron. Called by the voice of Huron to stop the Merfolk's advancement of evil, Nick's first task is to alert the city council of Huron. Expecting his job to be an easy...

  • The Ever After
    197K 7.9K 34

    Meet May Bird: a very shy, very precocious young girl who wants nothing more than to live in a world where she’s accepted and loved. One day while walking in the woods she finds that world—or falls into it, really. Through a pond, May enters the Ever After, a world of ghosts. Here, towns glow blue beneath zipping star...

  • Nikolas and Company Book #1: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten
    31.6K 2.3K 54

    ****Featured on Wattpad and @Fantasy *** A horde of dark creatures chase a mermaid and her husband to their underwater fortress. Only fourteen-year-old Nikolas and his friends can save them. Happy to escape an apocalyptic future with its refugee camps and nannydrones, Nick convinces his friends to make the journe...