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  • The Untold Love Story of Aaliyah and Tupac Shakur
    337K 9.2K 63

    I have been silent for a while, and I thought about it for a second. I'm going to tell the story, our story. My name is Aaliyah Haughton Shakur, and this is the Untold Love story of Aaliyah and Tupac Cover by Colorful-Me

  • Dating The Fame
    99.9K 3.9K 68

    Can Genesis deal with the slander from the media, obsessive stalkers, betrayal and the trust issues? All of these things that come with Dating The Fame. S. M x C. B

  • Temptations
    59.4K 1.5K 24

    Indyamarie "Jean" parent's died when she was sixteen . Her now being of legal age became the legal guardian of her younger sister Rue. However, she struggles trying to balance money, friends and relationships. Jamie growing up has always had a privilege life, his dad known for his rap career owns a multi million do...

  • || Tattoo Artist || UNEDITED
    148K 7.2K 44

    Messing around telling everyone you're normal when I know you're not. In my eyes you're the most handsome person I've ever laid eyes on , but in your eyes you're nothing but worthless. Let me be the one to show you that it's more to you than locking yourself away and working. Show that smile , some girls like them bra...

  • Wet Dreamz || Short Story ll UNEDITED
    41.1K 1.7K 21

    He wanted her in the worst way, he didn't know what it was about her but she always stood out to him. His mind always went somewhere else when he seen her. He didn't know she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her but it was all in his mind... It was always a dream that he would wake up to in the middle of the night...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bricks ஐ
    1.7M 66.7K 39

    All characters and events in this story are completely fictional. If anything seems familiar it is completely coincidental. All situations in this story come completely from my imagination. ******* Loyalty lasts a lifetime, but what's the point of being loyal if you're being left behind. **** The money is treating hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Worry .. Chris Brown Story
    431K 13.9K 74

    Chris is a hard body, he doesn't have feelings. He does but you know, out of 100 he probably shows only 10 percent of it. He's into guns, drugs, one night stands and money. He's rude and doesn't care too much for anyone. He soon meets this girl one day who attempts to turn his life around for him. She doesn't know th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Letters to Her
    5K 240 5

    I just won't let go. I can't let go... I love her too much. And I needed some way to talk to her, other than popping up at her house and blowing up her phone. So I grabbed a piece of notebook paper a pen, and began writing.. letters to her

  • Separated (Chris Brown Fanfic)
    14.6K 768 13

    When things are at their worst, will you stay together or will you separate?

  • Kidnapped BWWM
    532 17 1

    "You kidnapped me because why" I asked handcuffed to the fridge. "Our reasons-" "Our business" "Awww that's cute y'all finish each other sentences" I laughed as the guys exchange looks. "Well she's gonna be a riot" Jéron said laughing. I kicked my shoe off which hit him in the stomach making him grunt holding his sid...

  • Lie.
    73.2K 3.6K 22

    "How could one little white lie define who I am?" Zahra (Zadie) Taylor, a seventeen year old girl who was lucky enough to get meet & greet tickets to meet the rich and famous not to mention sexy, Chris Brown. What happens when Zadie take one lie a little too far? Completed: March 4th, 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost in Ya Love (Chris Brown FanFic) ON HOLD
    8.1K 425 14

    Ashley Smallwood is far different than any other high schooler; attractive AND intelligent. She's just trying to find herself. There's this one bad boy that's in her way for success in this big world, but what if she likes it that way?

  • Mahogany Dreams
    1.9K 146 4

    Mahogany Taylor is a beautiful, young and talented actress from New York City. Her life is hectic and crazy until she meets Caleb Brown, a tall, handsome man with a passion to find the perfect girl. Mahogany takes an instant disliking to Caleb and the concited and whorish ways he learnt during his years in Virginia. H...

  • Sex Love(Chris Brown Love Story)
    424K 12.1K 43

    Meliah was happly engaged to the man she thought she was in love with until she met Chris,It started off as a one night mistake but ended up being something more.......

  • My Heart Belong's To A Thug (Tyga Love Story❤️)
    812K 19.6K 36

    See what happens when a thug moves to town !

  • Only If .
    110K 9.6K 22

    {BOOK #2} of Whisper

    61.8K 2.5K 26

    Kairo Demitri Carter is a victim of verbal bullying. She originally thought nothing wrong of herself, not in a conceited way, until her mom was relocated to Los Angeles, California for work. At first she was just the new girl, she got looks of envy every now and then but out of no where, she was targeted by her #1 bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Babysitter
    586K 20.9K 22

    She watches his son. She's nothing more than the babysitter. Right? A Chris Brown original fan fiction. Finished, Smoking Mirrors is the sequel.

    Completed   Mature
  • Me, You & Hennessy
    381K 15.6K 41

    I don't know if its the Hennessy or you, but that's how we started, and now we're addicted, So now its me, Hennessy and you.

    Completed   Mature
  • Sneaking Out Changed My Life ***WATTY AWARDS FINALIST 2013***
    167K 5.8K 26

    A girl named Kylie has a horrible life. Just because of a mistake she made when she was younger, her parents will never let her go out to a party or have fun ever again. One night she sneaks out to a party, and she meets Chris. What will happen between the two? Will they simply part ways, or will they grow into someth...

  • The Unexpected : (The Unknown Sequel) DISCONTINUED
    267K 7.7K 10

    Chris brown fanfiction. © ArtistryByBadu This story is not to be copied, reposted, plagiarized in any form.

  • What She'll Do For Love (Completed)
    67.6K 2K 23

    She'll do anything for him, but he won't do much for her unless she's with someone else Completed : June 28, 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • Wish List (Chris Brown Love Story)
    554K 15.9K 29

    Sometimes we have to dream for the things that we don't think will ever happen, I just need that one person the make my wishes come true

  • A Victim of His Love (Sequel to KTBH)
    102K 3.5K 34

    It's been 2 years since Andrea moved to London. Life's been great for her and Chris as well. Chris has gotten better and is ready to find Andrea. He's still in love with her. What happens when Andrea visits LA to see an old friend? Will she bump into Chris? Will he find out the secret that she's been hiding from him a...

  • X.
    66.1K 2.7K 36

    *1st book on wattpad* Being a new R&B artist is hard but what about being your best friends artist, who happens to be Chris Brown.

    Completed   Mature
  • Milano {August Alsina Story}
    5.4M 128K 59

    Melanie and August Alsina been best friend since womb. Nothing can tear them apart. They both have feelings for each other. But what happens when they get in a serious relationship? Will they still be besties? How will it affect his career read on!

  • My Sexy Kidnapper
    1.9M 51.4K 60

    Ava was another high school student that has been kidnapped. Instead of receiving beatings and rape, it was something else. This kidnapper was different. It got her feeling all types of ways. Official book.

    Completed   Mature
  • In Love We Trust
    96.4K 3K 29

    After their mothers death, Jhene, Trent, and little sister Renae all moved in with their aunt that doesn't care about them or what happens to them. Countless amount of events happens that push them over the edge and Trent is the first one to leave and live with his friend Chris. Soon after Jhene gets kicked out and ha...

  • Rehab Facility
    57.5K 2.5K 52

    The Hills Center is a Rehab facility in Los Angeles full of patients trying to better them selves or are forced to. April is simply a new nurse at the center trying to get used to how the place operates in hopes of opening up her own facility later in life. Her experience will go nothing as planned as she is introduce...

    Completed   Mature