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  • //Un//marked
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    // Sequel to Unmasked "Are you not listening? We don't have time. The longer we wait the more of our own die. They grow stronger every day - the newest batch of apprentices will be trained in assassination, for StarClan's sake! And if they have the ability to pick us off, one by one, then who will remain to put an end...

  • //Un//masked
    107K 8.6K 38

    "It is forbidden for a reason, young one. Love makes you weak, a fraction of yourself. It keeps you from being the best you can be and that is why we must mask it. Ambition, intelligence, strength - now those are qualities that will get you through this harsh life. But being loving, compassionate, kind? Those are the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spark { Warrior Cats Fanfiction ; Complete }
    205K 8.6K 40

    Prophecies are works about journeys and saving clans via StarClan's designated cats. StarClan can't predict everything though, right? Sparkfur is hated by much of her clan. She's much more intelligent than any other cat, she's sassy, and an annoyance. They have half a mind to kick her out, but at the same time, they w...

  • Warriors: Your Legacy
    17K 2K 51

    The sequel to the interactive fanfiction, Your destiny, is available only on Wattpad. Once again, follow the cats of MountainClan, CaveClan, LakeClan, and RogueClan as they struggle to face the intimate threats that the Empire of StormClan pose. Featuring Wattpaders new and old, read the novel created for and by Watt...

  • Warriors: Your Destiny
    38K 3.1K 71

    After the clans you knew were destroyed by fire and Twolegs, the survivors must band together to recreate their society and renew traditions of the past. The story follows the struggles of rogues and Kittypets alike, as they try to repair their future, and forgo repeating the same mistakes of the past. This novel was...

  • Warriors: Blossomfall's Reign(Sequel to WBI)
    80.5K 5.4K 34

    Major spoilers ahead. Please read the first book, Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity(WBI) first. Welcome to the sequel! A mysterious rogue has destruction planned for all the Clans. ThunderClan's new leader is this cat's main target. Will Blossomfall's Reign survive the rogue's threat? Will she be able to have the era...

  • Warriors: Nightpaw's Identity(Book 3 of the WBI Trilogy)
    17K 1.1K 14

    Book three of the WBI series! Please read the first two first. The tale of two brothers. The finale in a saga of murder and betrayal. A clash that will determines the legacy of the Clans. With the Clans on the brink of war, Nightpaw acts as Bumblestar's servant. Death and plotting seem to follow the ThunderClan leader...

  • Warrior Cats: BloodClan Hunger Games
    114K 4.2K 18

    Scourge ruled the forest ever since he had murdered Firestar in the Darkest Hour. From then on, he took over the Clans and created a bloodthirsty game that only the twisted enjoyed... Poison is the new ruler - after Bone died he became the deputy - and now, he continues the Hunger Games. Feathertail has been chosen an...

  • Warriors: Bumblestripe's Insanity
    149K 8.8K 34

    Something more powerful than the Dark Forest is about to cause disturbance within ThunderClan...and it's love. Bumblestripe has loved Dovewing forever. But after she rejects him for another cat, he wonders if there's any way to stop the pain that seeing her causes- and decides the only way is to get rid of her. A tale...

  • Bloodshed (Zombie Warrior Cats)
    50.5K 2.6K 35

    When both medicine cats get a prophecy seasons before the real thing, they don't believe it's real. But when North Korea nukes America's beloved state, Washington, it feels all too close to home. Literally. RockClan and StreamClan are thrown into a world of desperation, death, and confusion as their home and the world...

  • Warrior Cats: Icetail's Enemy (COMPLETED ✔️)
    394K 15.5K 70

    "The darkness was never meant to be, and two cats, high and proud will lead and destroy." On the day of his apprentice ceremony, Icepaw had a dream that forever shattered the peace of the forest. Darkness surrounds Icepaw and his Clan as a mysterious new prophecy hints that trouble will soon come. He is determined to...

  • The Shadow Glare
    1K 77 39

    Emberkit is a young she-kit who wonders at the world with curiosity in her eyes. She works hard to become a good warrior and wants nothing more then to be a good cat. Riverkit struggles with the choice of medicine cat or warrior. She doesn't know what's best and what's not. But when she makes her choice, will she reg...

  • Lone Flower in the Meadow (A Warriors Fanfic)
    27.1K 1.1K 25

    When Violet is forced to leave her home as a group of cats takes over the neighbohood, she flees to EarthClan, where her mate- Nightblaze- is. She brings along her three kittens. But as Violet gets there, she is thrown into a prophecy! StarClan doesn't seem to care that she was once a Kittypet. She and her family are...

  • Warriors: Power of One
    512 64 25

    As Nightkit goes from a kit to a warrior, she is blessed with powers. Will she use them for the better of the clan, or to protect herself. A prophecy will come. " Good things come to those who wait. Night will rise and save the clans. Dark will fall and decide the path."