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Sparrow By Sparrowheart838 Completed

"It is forbidden for a reason, young one. Love makes you weak, a fraction of yourself. It keeps you from being the best you can be and that is why we must mask it. Ambition, intelligence, strength - now those are qualities that will get you through this harsh life. But being loving, compassionate, kind? Those are the best ways to get yourself killed."

Generations after the Masked Uprising and the fall of StarClan, DarkClan's way of life is no less harsh. Emotions are strictly forbidden and any talk of the Old Life is considered treasonous and punishable by death. It is in this cruel setting that Nightpaw finds himself apprenticed to the only cat with an ounce of freedom: the truth-teller, a cat specifically chosen by the Masked to remember the history of DarkClan.

Yet, Nightpaw doubts the truth in the truth-teller's stories and finds them even harder to reconcile when he is visited by someone he'd been taught no longer exists. Caught between fear and curiosity, the truth-teller's apprentice finds himself stuck between two versions of the Clan's history - two truths where there should only be one.

And he will stop at nothing until the truth is unmasked.

// I have the story rated as teen. Please be warned that there will be a lot of bloodshed and dark matters discussed in this novel.

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-finn1513- -finn1513- May 10
This is amazing! I'm going to be binge-reading this whole series, so expect lots of comments from me.
Wow, we haven't even got to the allegiances and this is already amazing. You did awesome
DestinyRoseAspenfall DestinyRoseAspenfall Nov 22, 2017
So your sister is less important than your crush. U need to get your priorities straight Sootstar
Flame-ball Flame-ball Jul 31
I felt very shocked when he found the scents. And the way you described her death made me feel I was right there with him.
Me too. I just started my book today but I'm really proud of it! Also, this book is just increadable! You should be an author. :)
I really like this so far!If it is alright by you and if you have time,could you check out my warrior cats book so far?I really want some criticism