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  • Shadows and Souls
    571 43 22

    Thoren Chesterfield believes everything happens for a reason. Sienna Mercer believes things just happen by accident. Thoren is an aspiring writer who works in a coffee shop. Sienna is a struggling musician who lives above the coffee shop. Can the two of them use the other as a muse and accomplish great things? Or will...

  • Café Latte - Book Two
    673K 23.9K 34

    Tom Ramsdale is comfortable with his life, his family and his friends; but what happens when they all get their own lives? With Jasper and Cyri gone to different cities, Ross busy with his new job and Edward disappearing to Vegas, Tom feels like he is the only one left behind. So when he impresses the gorgeous, myster...

    Completed   Mature
  • As Much as You {completed}
    59.3K 1.1K 38

    Ezra Sparks woke up one morning in a hospital bed with no recollection as to who anyone was -- unless he'd met them before he was nine years old. Unfortunately, Carmen Bailey didn't meet Ezra until he moved to London, at ten. So how come a boy who only remembers living in Cornwall, woke up in a hospital in London, wat...

  • ...
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